Fruit-free diet

Fruit-free diet

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If you do not want to consume meat, you should especially buy the right diet. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, we can never give up on animal white, dairy products, or eggs. It is also worth eating fish once a week.

Brown rice makes it easier to absorb white

White usually goes far too much on the table. Quality is more important than quantity. THE Brown rice it is easy to digest, the white in it is well absorbed. Wash with lentils, pepper, beans, oilseeds, soy products. all these zinc , which are also important for fetal development.
For a proper iron intake, one portion of meat can be baked with more portions of green. Specifically, the roaring green leaf kale, spinach, soya, chick peas, sesame seeds, dried apricots, figs, whole grains contain a lot of iron. Eat them with a vitamin C rich drink (orange, lemon lemonade) and also think that coffee, tea and milk inhibit iron absorption. be. Regularly put on the table whole whites (oilseeds, diuts, hazelnuts, legumes, dairy products). Raw vegetables and fruits are needed every day.
For a short time, cook the steaks carefully so that the nutrients in them are not lost. Only buy fresh greenery and consume it quickly because it loses a lot of vitamin content during storage. Soothe your thirst with herbal tea, fruit juice, and soda water. Instead of three releases, let's install five or six smaller ones.