Table sole in childhood

Table sole in childhood

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More and more, I see educators announcing loft gymnastics to physiotherapists. Do we really need to stay afloat even when we are young? And what signs should we look for?

Table sole in childhood

The foot carries the weight of our body. This task is performed by the longitudinal and transverse arches of the foot and by the assembly of the ligaments and the muscles and the ligaments on the sole of the foot. will turn while the heel bone is out. As a result, the sole becomes flat, which has a negative impact on our entire water system and can lead to countless musculoskeletal problems.

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Even with a toddler, I didn't even know that the feet of the newborn certainly straight and mimics the sole sole only, so I was afraid that something might be wrong with him. Our pediatrician reassured me that azn. The lack of a longitudinal vault at this age can be considered natural, as it will only develop later on with increased muscle tone.The straight sole cowhide does not represent a pelvic floor at this age, but a natural physiological phenomenon. Simply leave time the child should develop movement, and should not force early foot strain and movement, as it may lead to overload and deformity of the foot.

How can light be discovered that our child might be snowboarding?

In infancy, the pediatrician also looks at the soles of children, and in the later stages, the child's home doctor or nurse examines the status tests to see if there is a problem with the child's feet. In our case, for example, our pediatrician called my attention to a problem and referred us to an orthopedic doctor. during school, and then during teenage years, a very sensitive period, it is definitely worth having an orthopedic screening, not only because of the problem with the pelvic floor but also with the spine.

How do I get my footboard fixed?

Dr. Dobos Mбrta, Oxygen Medical orthopedic doctor recommends that a baby who is able to walk should step on a piece of paper or a soft, colored fabric so the baby will see it immediately the shape of the sole (if all soles are in contact with the ground, then there may be a problem) .It is important to know that we do not have to make a serious difference in the results, since the foot development has phases.It is good is the child's ankle. If you have an inward stool, you may need to consult an orthopedic specialist.

What can be more acute?

A weak tie, a genetic background, and even a poorly chosen shoe can unfortunately contribute to the formation of the sole. It is also very dangerous if parents are forced to return to their early childhood. At school, growing up in the neighborhood and the extra weight caused by schooling can still be a problem, and sudden growth during adolescence can lead to problems with the sole.

Is there a way to prevent the footboard?

An effective way of prevention is to get the child to spend more time on natural soil (sand, grass, gravel). It is not enough to emphasize that a child wear high dry shoes that hold the ankle, which - if you use it indoors - can be cut out beforehand so that the foot is well ventilated. It is important that the soles of the shoes are soft as this is where the sole muscles can be strengthened. Also, a daily gymnastics, you can find countless gaming practices on the Internet.

Do I need pads or corrective shoes if I have a problem with my child?

The final sole arches are approx. They develop between the ages of 13 and 14, but by the time you reach school, you can see what the shoe archers will look like and what they will become. At this age, it is worthwhile to consult an orthopedic doctor. 5% justified, the doctor said. Deciding whether a child needs a footbed orthopedic specialist, as well as choosing footwear that corrects the footbed, should ask for their help.You may also need to megнrбsбban dr. Mobra of Dobos, I was a doctor at Oxygen Medical Orthopedic.Related articles in this topic:
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