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Introduce this when your child is running out of energy

Introduce this when your child is running out of energy

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If you want to summarize in a sentence how to raise your child with energy, we suggest you tell him what he can do and not what he can do!

If your child is overwhelmed with energy…

If you are spending your free time in the park and your little one is running, don't tell him "don't run", but rather "walk now". For the first appearance, only the "run" sucks in the brain. Until your brain reaches the level of development that it can recall exactly what it is saying, it is better that you do something different and say what you can do - Motherly advises you and you will that you are just licking the pebbles? "Don't put the pebbles in my head!" - can you tell me? Well, experts advise you to say, "Gravel is a trash can, not our mouth" - you see it immediately begins to trash the gravel. As your child grows, these instructions become more and more complicated. For example, if he is the type of kid he is never runs out of energy. If your child is the type who runs from bed to bed without waking up, jumping up at everything he can, jumping everywhere he can (and from where he is not), then the following 7 rules are worth following.

1. "Only soft objects can be thrown"

Never let that happen. If you want to throw a hard object at your baby, replace it with a soft one, like a stuffed animal, to prevent someone getting hurt. Of course, an animal also has harder parts, say eyes, so if you pay attention to Rule 2:

2. "We only throw objects at those who are watching us"

It doesn't feel good to have something on your head when you're watching, talking, packing, or cooking. Even if you have only one plush toy. Especially if the animal has hard bullets. You can hurt if you knock on your head!

3. "We only catch you when there is order in the room"

If you only step once on the floor, you know what we mean and it's best to implement this rule for everyone's body. Plus there will be order. Ready to profit.

4. "You Can Only Upgrade Anything When Mom / Dad Is Near You"

If you have a child who is full of energy, then surely he or she will love cooking. The farther, the farther. On the ladder. The ladder. On the top of the sofa. Bбrhol. Anyway you fight it, you won't be able to stop it. Ezйrt rather be there beside him when he acts, and only allow him to be in love when you are close enough to get him if you need to.

5. "If not everyone is enjoying themselves, then they are not good players"

If your toddler hits a lunar kitten with a pillow, it's definitely a good job for him, but less for the little one. Of course, sooner or later the situation changes: the little one can crawl, swim, go, and then he will certainly not lose his big brother.

6. "You Should Always Born When You Move To Another Place"

Well, if you are practicing at home to give you a move before you move. If not, then you can hurry your head as you walk down the street and run away, turn around the corner and disappear in front of your eyes.

7. "If you ever get lost, find a mom"

This is very important. If your average child has a more active child, then you also need to be prepared to lose sight of each other. Teach her the full name and my address, and if she's in the mix at the cost center, find another mother - you can tell her, of course, but you rarely do it everyday - because you can.Related Articles:
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