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If there are pets in the family when the newborn arrives, the little one must live with them. The most common pet is a dog, cat, but often other pets can be found in the immediate environment.

The vertebrate animals include the dog the most common household in the family. In recent times, dog accidents have become very frequent, often caused by the family's own dog. More rarely, infants are affected, more often 2-3 years old. Some dogs (especially those who are bitter about the house) are very anxious about the baby. Occasionally, this can happen to attack the child. Keep an eye out for signs of this happening: for example, the dog always jumps up and demands attention when we are engaged with the baby. One dog is better off, the other is worse off if the baby is dirty. One can do anything the child can do, the other handles the baby when it is a puppy. There are unpredictable dogs that attack you for no reason.

Dog and baby in the family - possible with smart organization

When a baby starts toddling and exploring, he often likes the puppy's bed and wants to own it. Of course, this dog is not worried. A lighter puppy responds only with a slight nose rash, but it is not uncommon for a bite to occur. If you own a dog and know that your vaccinations are OK, the dog is healthy, in which case you only have to bite as a bite. Extremely low weight should be treated immediately if you have a home remedy with higher weight. In such cases, tetanus vaccination may also come to a halt.If we believe that our dog is absolutely trustworthy, we should pay close attention to the relationship between the child and the animal. Never leave a child alone with your dog for the sake of safety. The second most common household cat. Cats are generally not very influenced by the baby. Let's put a damper on your car, just to keep the cat from snapping on the baby. If the child is already a toddler and sometimes succeeds in catching and annoying the cat, be careful not to scratch the doll. Immediately consult a physician and alert the physician to the potential for cat scratching with lymph node enlargement. Because the disease is similar to many other lymph node diseases, we can expedite the examination.You can get skin and fur infections from dogs and cats. Therefore, your dog and cat should be perfectly healthy and clean. Disinfect and fluff it regularly! If your child has any illness of unclear origin, tell your doctor what kind of household we have. kisemlхsцket (hamster, guinea pig) should never be handed over to a child. Usually, small bite bites are not usually dangerous, but rather cause superfluous killing. aquarium fish they are very toothy for different infections. Do not allow children to paddle in fish water.It should be mentioned that it is very common papagбjokat. Parrots like yours are home birds. parrot (ornithosis). This viral disease most often causes pneumonia and pleurisy, but it can also be the cause of many other diseases. In case of illness, it is imperative to tell the doctor that the parrot is in the family!
- All right, if you have a house next to your baby
- Is the dog the best friend of the kid?