Is lazy education really the secret of a happy family life?

Is lazy education really the secret of a happy family life?

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Ъn is becoming more and more popular. lazy education principle, which is the exact opposite of the most typical helicopter today. What is it and how do you apply it? Read on!

Is lazy education really the secret of a happy family life?Obviously, first of all, you are thinking of something sloppy laissez-fair in your expression. Like what you practice when you get home at night with your head from work, they sit down on the couch with a glass of wine and some snacks, and the kids do most of the things they want (sure). Well, that's not what lazy education really means. But then what? Lazy parenting is when a parent consciously gives his or her child a chance to increase his or her self-confidence by helping him or her gain more independence and responsibility. The parent is deliberately backtracking and letting the child deal with the task / challenge, instead of hurrying to the door and going out. The lazy parenting is that give the little ones space to experience, they can do everything alone. And anything surprising, far more than we think! The basis of the theory is that if the parent is constantly in the corner of the child, and whatever is difficult, lazy parenting principle is something that is completely conscious. Depending on how old your child is, of course they may be different, but here are a few tips on how to get started:

Have a corner in the apartment where your child can hang around freely

Find a place in your apartment that you can call a play corner. Here are just things that are safe, and the little one is guaranteed not to be able to harm themselves, even if you are not constantly looking at what you are doing. It is best (in the case of American kitchen living room) to move a small space in one corner of the living room, so you are still in a room, for example, when cooking. The child depends on how old he or she needs to be supervised, but the point here is to let the baby out completely and let it unfold. Don't control it or get into the game. Try to stop yourself from running if he or she fails - he or she cannot solve the puzzle or climb up to the parachute. Give him space and time to get over his frustration and figure out how to solve the problem! This is the goal: to find out what he is, regardless of what he is capable of.

Get used to the natural consequences

Giving responsibility to your child also means that you will be doing something you don't want. A lazy parent accepts this, and even says that the child must suffer the natural consequences of his or her actions. If you follow the lazy parenting principle, you show him and explain what he has to do, but you leave him alone to pack his bag. When your child goes to school the next day and takes everything he needs, he will be proud to be able to do it alone. However, when you do not get ready for the day, you may forget about your homework at home. which will help him to keep his eyes on the things closest to him.Even if you can't always 100% follow the "rules" of this kind of parenting principle, believe me, you will be liberating for both of you if you take the time . You'll be amazed at the value of your life (via)Related articles in parenting:
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