Why don't we remember our dreams?

Why don't we remember our dreams?

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If one looks at the dreams, one of the biggest enemies is the phone. Let's explain why.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge In 1797, the English poet and philosopher wrote a translation of Kubla Kann's poem (which is also one of the most famous English poetry) to which he believed the idea was translated, what we do. No wonder the subtitle of the poem is this: Beast in a Dream. However, in the midst of it, he was disturbed by someone who came from a nearby town, Porlock, and could not finish the poem. Because Coleridge forgot what he was dreaming about, the poem remained unfinished. The poets' experiences show us how fragile, frustrating the dreams are and how they are affected by external conditions. According to researchers, there are many reasons why we don't remember our dreams, such as insomnia, day-to-day stress, alcohol or drug use, but also the way we share our relationship with us (our partner) the awkward conditions experienced during the awakening.If you look at the memories, if one our greatest opposition to the wake-up call: This is actually our personal "Porlock man". Millions of people wake up, and the overwhelming voice has so suddenly excluded us from our minds that in March we can only focus on the day before ours. And such awakening makes it almost impossible for us to remember what we were dreaming about. He finally realized that he remembered his dreams at night, because he was the only one who had not woken up in the morning, but had slept as long as he wanted. James Pagel Sleep people were also tested in colleges and laboratories. 598 patients finally completed the two-year survey, 93 percent of them reported being dreaming and 7 percent saying they were not at all dreaming. Looking further into the minority, he finally realized that those who now said they didn't dream were older we could recall their childhood dreamsso finally 1 number has lowered the number of those who have laid down, they never had any mind.However, before and after, many studies have proven to be overwhelmingly more than what they used to be. And whether or not we can recall our dreams does not always depend on external factors, but also internally as an example of motivation. Another study, for example, found that if they were just a little shrewd, they encouraged people to remember the dreams much more. Research suggests that if people want to remember their dreams, they will generally succeed. (VIA)They may also be interested in: