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The maternal diet also affects the baby's birth rate

The maternal diet also affects the baby's birth rate

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If the mother is eating well during her pregnancy, the chance of a baby being born with a low birth weight is reduced.

Healthy eating during pregnancy significantly reduces the risk of a low birth weight baby, according to a New South Wales study.Maternal Health Nutrition Affects Baby's Birth Weight The eredmйnyeink suggest rб that the mother egйszsйges tбplбlkozбsa йs baby szьletйsi sъlya kцzцtt цsszefьggйs is: the egйszsйgesebb tбplбlkozбsi szokбsokkal csцkkenthetjьk its kockбzatбt to have a baby with low szьletйsi sъlyъ szьletik it or hozzбjuk kapcsolуdу egйszsйgьgyi szцvхdmйnyek rizikуjбt well - said Ros John, is the lead researcher at Cardiff University School of Biological Sciences. This is the first comprehensive research in Wales. The study provides a more accurate picture of infant birth weight, and factors such as maternal height, weight, ethnicity, pregnancy and gender of the fetus have been considered in the research. In the study, 300 pregnant women made a test case. The study found that mothers who had healthier eating habits had less born small weight babies than those who did not pay much attention to dieting during pregnancy.Wales Infants with low or low birth weight are at increased risk of neonatal morbidity and health problems, such as heart disease and stroke, in early childhood. Mothers who give birth to lower-birth-weight babies are at increased risk for cardiovascular disease (via
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