These are the positive effects of rocking

These are the positive effects of rocking

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If we were to ask our mothers about everywhere in the world, we would probably all be rocking their baby. Rocking can be done in many ways - in arms, swings, rocking chairs, etc. - and has a number of advantages over the baby. Let's see these!

These are the positive effects of rocking

Calms the baby doll

According to a Japanese research conducted in 2013 the baby calm downand also their heart rate slows down when their mother is rocking them in their arms. According to Kumi Kuroda, the head of the research, this is due to an evolutionary thing. it slows down the baby's heart rate, the rocking of the baby's baby ensures proper blood circulation and helps warm the baby. By lifting and rocking the baby, we also respond to social and historical needs. Researchers at McGill University in Canada have found that keeping. During the examination, rocking was not possible, but the researchers thought that it would have helped to calm the babies even more than if their mother had kept them in her arms.

It helps the growth of premature babies

A 2015 study from the University of Illinois taught mothers of premature babies how to help their children develop the skills at developing slower than their premature infants. In doing so, we first showed mothers how to work socially with their children, and how to properly stimulate the baby's senses - to hear, to feel, to see, and to develop. The method includes communicating with the baby in a relaxed voice, careful massage And rocking babies in the arms. The preterm infants in the study grew faster than their counterparts who did not use the method and improved their gait. Although rocking was not an alternative to other methods used in research, it was an integral part of the process.

Improves balance and rhythm

Whether in the arms of the mother, rocking on the floor, or rocking on a rocking horse, alternating slow and fast movements help the child's rhythmic development. We can still make a difference if rocking fire is also performed with a simple verse, rhythmic text.
Rocking, rocking also has a beneficial effect on the baby's muscular development and improves balance. The baby can be rocked on the arm, on the court, or even on a large ball, sideways or backwards.

Improves visual sensing

Rocking a doll in a swing, rocking chair, on the bench or in our arms can also be a very good exercise for the sight: the baby can observe the environment from different angles, for example, what's up and down, but you can also look around while moving sideways. If you put it on our floor, you can see what we have, and if we roll it upside down in our arms, you can see what's underneath.Forrбs:, educatall.comYou can read about our baby development here: