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Gentle birth control with homeopathy

Gentle birth control with homeopathy

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If the birth does not want to start after the date, many doctors have decided to start the birth. However, some of the pregnant women are afraid of this. Homeopathy can help them.

It is possible to start the baby weakly if the time is right

Medicines during your pregnancy

According to experts, more and more expectant mothers are becoming familiar with homeopathic treatment because doctors are reluctant to give medication to pregnant or nursing mothers. Of course, babies use a variety of remedies during birth, but you can experiment with leaner methods instead of (or before applying). Only so-called low-fever homeopathic remedies can be taken without a prescription at the pharmacy, and these are by no means a problem. If it is another week before birth begins, you may be advised by homeopathic doctors, midwives, 3 Serbian cocktails to try to start a baby. This is a great way of speeding up the process, it does not cause any harm, and if it does not help, it will not affect the work of the doctors any more.

Why do you have homeopathy?

You know because veszйlytelen. It is harmless to the mammal and to the fetus - especially low-cooling agents. It has no side effects and has no effect on the fetus - he told Szabу Lilla, homeopathy medicine.The essence of homeopathy is to induce the body's healing activity with the right amount of herbal, animal and mineral substances in the right amount. principles: similia similibus curentur, say similar to the like need to be cured. This idea is contrary to the basic idea of ​​traditional medicine, because doctors give vomiting anesthetics for obesity, which is called allopathy. However, homeopathy gives you a vomiting, stomach ache, though, in the belief that the drug itself does not cause vomiting or diarrhea, but the "information" it contains helps the body to heal. 15 to 20 homeopathic remedies are used. Homeopathic therapists can recommend homeopathic remedies for the first few months' nausea, and for the ninth month for childbirth, cesarean section, and for treatment of gums and breastfeeding. Postpartum emotional fluctuations and fatigue can also be treated with homeopathy. There are good and harmless uses for colds, flu, throat, fever. - I ask anyone who gets homeopathy if they know how to use it, if they know what they need to pay attention to - the drug added.When using homeopathy, prohibited: menthol, camphor fragrance, use of contents, cow toothpaste, gum, essential oil, etc. Strong aromas and stones should also be avoided. Do not touch homeopathic remedies with metal! Therefore, if it is to be dissolved, it should be prepared in a glass or plastic cup, mixed with a plastic can, in particular losing its effect.Labab also warned that research into near, so keep them away.

Cold Shake "Cocktail"

And then come the mixers that can help if the mother carries the baby and wants to avoid infertility in the hospital.- 1 serving of Caulophyllum thalictroides D4,
- 10 drops of Cimicifuga D2,
- 1 serving of Pulsatilla D30.These should be placed in 2 decilitres of water, dissolved, and a small sip of water should be drunk under 1 hour. About the ingredients of the cocktail, the pharmacist said: - the Caulophyllumalso called natural oxytocin, homeopathic doctors recommend it as of the 9th month because it relaxes the muscles of the uterus. It helps the baby to conceive during childbirth,
- the Cimicifuga you can help start a baby,
- the Pulsatilla Lilla Sabou did not know this condition, but confirmed that the ingredients can really help with the onset of buttering.

Cheap, safe - few people know it

- I have worked in many pharmacies and found that homeopathic remedies were purchased by pregnant mothers in better financial condition, though homeopathic remedies are cheaper than traditional medicines. This may be due to the fact that information is more readily available. Least good conditions are among the best they are not aware of this potential the pharmacist said. In her experience, few people reject homeopathy among those who have a try. Parents are finding that they are becoming more familiar with homeopathic procedures, but it is unlikely that the doctors themselves will apply them. When homeopathy meets advanced nursing courses, it comes down to the need to work with someone who is familiar with homeopathic treatment. They want the doctor not to have to deal with it. In this case, it would be a good help for a well-meaning baby or della. There are many doctors and many psychologists attending therapy courses, and now a psychologist, says Lilla Sabou, who will soon be educating herself in London and will work in a homeopathic pharmacy in Hungary. In many countries in Europe, there are many more drugs available in Hungary, and the use of gentle herb is more widespread in every area.