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If your baby is dry at night, waking up and drowning in a light cough, he or she is probably crippled. Symptoms are not only scary, but - especially to the smallest - dangerous. The viral croup brings together thousands of children every year.


Symptoms of the croup

The most characteristic feature of croup choking is that, at night, the onset of pain is often unexpected. The child is barking, coughing. Symptoms are caused by the falling of the stomach. The mucous membrane of the stomach swells mainly in the area under the vocal cords. Excitement enhances the body's oxygen demand, making the situation worse. In contrast to asthma, when crying is difficult, the croup in the krupp is obstructed. Increased breathing work is indicated by the entry of the lower parts of the chest, which are located above the clavicle, along the diaphragm, in the lower part of the sternum and in the ribs. The danger of illness is the lack of oxygen, exhaustion of the body, or even full-blown breathing, suffocation.

What Causes Inflammation?

Inflammation is caused by viruses that make the mucous membrane of the mucous membrane, which, when dried out, cannot fulfill its function, cannot clear itself. Infection is not necessarily a fever. After the first night, the seizure may recur for a day or two. It is more common to have a problem and seizure if the child is more than 200 weeks old. The reason for the sensibility is not well understood. Some component of the virus can play a role in infecting the mucous membrane of the mucous membrane, and it dries out. In any case, you have a non-allergic reaction and even anti-histamines that are used for allergies do not use, but the mucous membrane is further diminished, the child also gets worse. At the age of two, it is often more common at the outset of commuting than in the case of famine. At the moment, it is not possible to say why a given point is attacked and why. There are no reliable data on the safety of the product.

Who do we need to spend on the croup?

The smaller the child, the smaller the cross-section of the larynx, so that the larynx develops faster because the swelling is relatively larger. This is цsszefьggйsben to хk korбbban riasztjбk szьleiket kцhцgйsьkkel йjszakai бlmukbуl.Kьlцnцsen veszйlyes this betegsйg 3 йven aluliaknбl when lйgcsх mйg szыk so that kцrbefutу nyбlkahбrtya szыkнtheti by 70% mindцssze 1 mm swelling to the lйgutakat.Az in prone children, the first crippled choking nausea usually occurs between the ages of 5 and 6 years, since they will most certainly encounter some type of nausea by that age. The gyerekkцzцssйgbe kerьlх croupous children are often quickly йs esйlyьk talбlkozni kivбltу kуrokozуval.Az idхsebbeknйl inkбbb tolуdnak rohamok.A betegsйg occur in the 12-14 age йves уrбkra the morning, you have already kellх You can now access the lйgutak бtmйrхje nagysбgъ to biztosнtsбk also nyбlkahбrtya swelling ellenйre the proper exchange of air. By this time, the immune system will also develop an adequate defense against the virus causing the croup. In principle, croup choking is not excluded in adulthood, but it is very rare.

First things to do in croup

Depending on the seizure and the age of the child, the physician should be notified and the tunnels cooled down as soon as possible. In cold mucous membranes, the blood builds up and the swelling decreases immediately. Cold air can be delivered to the airways in two ways. We open the window in cold weather and quickly put the child in a warm blanket. The child should inhale the cool, moist air until the seizure is completely stopped. At this point, the child should be sedated and watered with a few sips of fluids. can be given to children, but because of its numerous side effects, it is only used when warranted and always in accordance with the strict prescription. If symptoms are not relieved, hospitalization is required. Do not be afraid of the hospital, the child will also find that the treatment is not painful.

Manage the krupp

Even small children, because of their very narrow aisles, have to be taken to the hospital almost every time, and the doctor has to see. Even if you have symptoms, you should call this ambulance or rescue child. You can start childcare in all hospitals - with elective medication given to the children - and, where appropriate, refer to a child intensive care unit. Children who have difficulty in breathing are admitted to the St. Louis Hospital in Budapest or the appropriate county institution without being referred to. The inmates of the hospital quickly dispose of the medication. It is important that the symptoms last for a short time, and treatment should begin as soon as possible. If the symptoms persist for a longer period of time, the child becomes exhausted or expects a shortness of breath, which causes severe oxygen deficiency, especially in the brain. For this reason, well-equipped intensive care units may be needed.If a child is 4-5 years old but still has a relatively mild course, then the use of drug sprayers for home treatment may be recommended. With this product, slightly salty salvus water, solids, can be introduced into the respiratory tract, which moisturizes and cools the inflamed mucous membrane. The method breaks down the breath and heals faster than the virus-dried mucous membrane. A croup of children has two episodes - a seizure - healthy. There is no need for permanent drugs, special examinations, allergy tests, cave treatment or environmental change. However, the likelihood of mental illness such as krupp (laryngitis subglottica) can be reduced by providing the family room with air in the fetal period to keep the air from dying, to prevent children from becoming ill.


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