Should babies sleep with their mother until the age of three?

Should babies sleep with their mother until the age of three?

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If the baby is asleep with the mother, it is good for the two to bond. Overnight nights can also have a negative impact on brain development and lead to later behavior problems, according to a new study.

The suggestion that the baby be asleep by the age of three with her mother, Dr. Nils Bergmantu, a University of Cape Town doctor who has studied with her team on two-day baby sleep, reports Dailymail. Research revealed that the Newborn it takes much longer to fall asleep when lying in a separate crib than it does for their mother's chest, They are also exposed to more stress in this case. According to the researchers, it is in the interest of proper development healthy newborns should sleep with their mother for at least the first few weeks, but it's best to be 3-4 years old. However, according to studies published earlier in this topic, if a mother shares a bed with her, increases the risk of sudden infant death, so many new mothers are afraid to sleep with their baby. According to a recent British study, about 2/3 of the sudden fatalities occurred when the baby was asleep with her mother. However, according to Dr. Bergman, infants are not responsible for the cause of choking, much less cigarettes, alcohol, poisonous fumes, big cushions or toys. - We studied fifteen infants in our research, and it turned out three times as much stress as they felt when they slept with their mother, like when they were on their chest, ”said Dr. Nils Bergman. According to experts, babies sleeping in the baby are more difficult to switch between the two sleep phases, the deep sleep and the more supernatural, the dream. There's a baby sleeping in the baby bed there were only six in the deep sleep phase, the rest could not have switched from the dream dream phase, although according to the research doctors, this would be important for the normal development of the brain. The combination of stress and sleep deprivation it can lead to less behavioral problems, and because of the high levels of stress hormone early on, it can also make it harder to build close relationships, It was made by Dr. Bergman. The British National Childbirth Trust supports the mother in sharing the bed with the baby if the parents do not smoke, do not consume drugs and alcohol, are unwell and do not suffer from chronic disease. According to George Haycock, professor of the cause of Bhalchal's death at the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths the safest place for children to have a baby in the parents' room, as confirmed by their research.Related articles in this topic:
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