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Faros the baby? - Turn it around!

Faros the baby? - Turn it around!

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If the baby is not always turned around at week 36, that is, it is not upside down, the mother will usually start to worry. There are a number of possible methods, from flashlighting to homeopathy to acupuncture or to medical help.

Yoga can help with that, too

Yoga recommends the following practice - if your physical condition allows, it is worth trying it out.


Picking up your stamina, your endurance is a function of your individual condition, think until the end, try to see if you can lie down, can you bear the sensation so that your tummy is up and your head is down. So loving and kind with you, and give yourself a try.Place a cow in a supine position, if this does not work, sit down, support your belly with cushions, and slowly lay on your back. Put your feet on your feet in a crooked pole, your feet parallel, your knees forward. Relax, relax your neck, gently push your arms in the direction of your feet. Observe your breathing rhythm, and then slowly lift your tongue, pressing the soles to the ground, in the middle of an anthrax. If you start lying on your cushion, you will slowly slip into your head, as far as the tummy allows, try to push the tip upwards. It is important that your neck remains loose as long as your shoulders help you to hold on, and that you lift your hips and tummy with the help of thigh muscles. After the weight, you can let your paws stay. Stay in this position for up to ten minutes if it is cold, several times throughout the day, relaxing with a steady abdominal breath. Open your chest and relax like this. Always come back very slowly. Slowly bring the weight back on the shoulders, soles, and thighs, leaving the neck loose. Gently remove your pillows and then slowly lower your hips from your spine to your spine. Try to get your waist down earlier than the sacrum.If you start lying on your spine, then slowly slide it back so that your head is up again and relax. In either case, end up sideways, and slowly, with a little breathing, lean on your arms slowly. Exercise can be intensified with visualization and communication with the baby. Whether you are relaxing in the pose or just on the end (lying or sitting), imagine the baby upside down. Talk to her in thought, kindly tell her why you are asking for her to turn, and why it will be so much easier for both of you.Related Articles:
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