Esther's diary - 15. hétJust do it?

Esther's diary - 15. hétJust do it?

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Giza traveled to Germany for such a day, and I still have some things to do, such as blood tests, ECGs, internal medicine examinations, dentists.

Rabbi Labszlou of Bacssi

These are the ones that are coming up, this is my homework assignment from the guardian. My defense is also Esther, and as our name is, so is our age not great. Esther is not a soldier, I'll go to her whenever I want, and not for a while. I'm a girl! So we don't meet much. When I'm there, I don't feel too motivated to light up on everything, I get a quirky answer to my requests, it doesn't complicate matters, but it doesn't bother me or bother me. Because there are plenty of people around me who I can ask, but I don't always ask them either. There are people who love everything but talk about everything, and there are people who like to start by themselves or to listen in silence and to draw useful lessons to their minds. I realized that I was stressed out by a lot of stories, a lot of advice, so do it, do it, listen to it, listen to this baby bottle, so sterile and breathe and push the baby and let it go, And similar councils. I want to get back to my ID, leave my outer shell, the influencer and the super superb I want, leave every other pregnant woman and new mother for a while, melt into myself, and again. " How great I was! In times of love, years, years. That's what I want. And then I'll find my baby inside.
I have never been able to handle movement withdrawal well, and now, for the third month, I have been out of sports. For the first month I didn't know that I was expecting babies, I was suspicious of fatigue and tense breasts, but the slowdown in November was my first explanation. "Distraction" never caused me an alarm, nor did I have a sound system in my monthly trouble, neither of which was a strong reason for the test. Except Gezz, who didn't let me go buy one. But I told you this already. So I went to trainings, especially sandals, where my lungs were whispering in the first half, and where I barely tried to get fit after a rainy, dripping one. Then I felt first old. This, to me, an unknown, energy-deficient state, scared me more than it had been for several weeks now. I skipped the next training session thinking that I had not regenerated properly after the heptathlon of September and now I went to the aerobics training session the other day. Of course, I just caught a dance-weighting urine boost, Rihanna's fast, asshole count, and the wild, good-looking, virgin-pink in sports brains - which I know better. "Put the weight on your shoulder, put it on your thighs and stomach, put it on the ha-sad, and measure only ten, nine, and eight, and six, and come, girls, just like, but sometimes I still have a grin on my face. (Juli thinks I'm a masochist.) What's up with me ?! Something's gas. But I haven't even thought about it. Ever since it's light, I'm not sanding, I'm not aerobics. , I do not jump, I do not curl, I do not wear the pink bra, I do nothing that I love because I just loved things that you can't do right now, because you can be pregnant or UNDERSTAND! the irresistible message: Eat, you're irresponsible, you're not caring, I don't care about having a baby, what kind of a mother will you be now ... Of course nobody says it that way, but I hear it every time I hear something. do it because you turn balls, that's why we visited Barbi on our first little baby toy. Which I was right about. I could only get rid of it when I was pulling it out before, all my muscles were exhausted and flabby, because at that time there was a lot of persistent posture, long stretches, and relaxed pace. But now that the light is on, the light is on, the clear line has to be drained. The pregnant lady was unfit for this. The delicate, slow music, the nervous chatter of birds at night in the room, the steady inner focus, the baby's search in the stomach (I still can't feel it moving), the talk, and all this was a hell of a lot . I'd love to run out of the hall and hang out a boxing bag as long as I can get it done. But I stayed inside and even gave me another chance for myself, the gym, because I was enjoying myself, the other pregnant mothers stayed calm, so why not, I wanted to be as pregnant as Lisa, just as nice, with a smile in the corner of the number, a sweet, caressing stomach movement, harmony on my face. So I wanted all yoga, all days, nine months. But he did not go, because the blood does not expect water, even in its own right.