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Games from fruit seeds

Games from fruit seeds

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In the middle of fruit harvest, collect the seeds, wash them clean, and dry them in the sun.

The seeds of fruits can also be useful

- Let's make some little cards about fruits. The small child can place the appropriate seed. Shuffle, let's repeat. The more different we are, the more interesting we are. Keep the images and the seeds, and you will enrich the stock with a full orange and date. It is not easy to discriminate between some (apple-pear, apricot-plum) .- mozaikkйp: our little artist mixes the plasticine with all kinds of seeds. If you make the sour flour from plasticine and dry it in the sun, the picture will last, you can hang it. Let's also make a picture frame from seeds, plasticine base, so that it doesn't look like it at all.- Let's put some plasticine on a small empty jar. We make impressions with peach seeds: we get a nice sample of water. You may also want to try these:
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