Advances in the treatment of childhood cancers

Advances in the treatment of childhood cancers

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Childhood cancers rank second in the list of deaths affecting children. In Hungary, 250-300 new cases are diagnosed each year.

Childhood tumors

Although the incidence of the disease is relatively rare, it is in the hands of the patient and family, and even of the society an invaluable loss.Effective cure is a major professional challenge, as low case rates are associated with high genetic variability. Therefore, it is difficult to develop effective medication and appropriate therapeutic strategies. Research has so far shown that genetic defects in childhood cancers only partially cover genetic defects that can be linked to adulthood. The treatment of childhood cancers requires the identification of a wide range of molecular characteristics and genetic abnormalities beyond the spectrum of genetic defects that characterize adult cancers. NGS technology and full exom examination (WES) provide the opportunity for this. Genetic factors play a major role in the development of tumors. Molecular genetic information from cancerous tissues and its incorporation into treatment strategies has opened a new era in oncology, which today is defined in precise oncology. The szemйlyre made kezelйsi stratйgiбk kialakнtбsa sorбn familiar with the kezelхorvosnak naprakйszen йs be kцvetnie the publikбlt tudomбnyos eredmйnyeket the rendelkezйsre бllу konvencionбlis (kemoterбpiбs) йs cйlzott terбpiбs hatуanyagokat, they elйrhetхsйgйt (tцrzskцnyvezett whether kцzfinanszнrozott whether hozzбfйrhetх to clinical vizsgбlat keretйben) furthermore, international recommendations should be linked and linked to the patient's medical history and identified genetic defects, knowing their functional significance. This task is very difficult without information technology tools.In 2016, Oncompass Medicine, the world's largest personalized medicine conference (PMWC), has unveiled its newly developed Medical Software (PMWC) . The Calculator nemzetkцzi szabadalmaztatбsi igйnnyel йs CE vйdjeggyel rendelkezik.A pбlyбzatban develop a system WES alapъ medical dцntйstбmogatу children with cancer szбmбra (ONCOMPASS-WES-PED) that цtvцzi gйnhibбk azonosнtбsбra the best йs legkorszerыbb szekvenбlбsi technolуgiбk йs the Oncompass Calculator dцntйstбmogatу szoftverьnk kйpessйgeit of cancer children leghatбsosabb kezelйshez jutбsa йrdekйben.Fejlesztйseik йrintve elemzйsi of our algorithm йs adatbбzisunk evidence of childhood cancers valу kibхvнtйsйt, forradalmasнtani йs will egysйgesнteni the WES-alapъ vizsgбlatok kiйrtйkelйsйt йs clinical interpretбciуjбt.A fejlesztйsekkel 3-4 hйtre kнvбnjбk rцvidнteni passed terбpiбs dцntйsig idхt the molekulбris informбciу alapъ too. This new approach to treating childhood cancers is not only new in Hungary, but also internationally. Implementing the program will make Hungary more internationally competitive diagnostics of childhood cancers, Betegellбtбsa, sхt the innovatнv gyуgyszerkutatбs terйn is.A szemйlyre tailored innovatнv fejlesztйsek tбrsadalmi benefits associated precнziуs orvoslбssal the right betegellбtбsban, gazdasбgi benefits and kapcsolуdу the gyуgyszerkutatбsok segнtйsйben (racionбlis hatуanyag tervezйs, azonosнtбsa biomarkers, clinical vizsgбlatokhoz tцrtйnх populations rekrutбlбsa), the egйszsйgьgyi ellбtбshoz nyilvбnul kiadбsok йs csцkkentйsйben kцltsйghatйkonysбgбnak nцvelйsйben (eg. it has already tцrzskцnyvezett hatуanyagok New Account indikбciуkban tцrtйnх hasznбlatбhoz patient cйlcsoportok azonosнtбsa, clinical fejlesztйs йs the hatуanyagok regisztrбciуs kцltsйgeinek csцkkentйse) .Magyarorszбg йs Kцzйp Eastern Eurуpa can not stay out of onkolуgiai ellбtбst forradalmasнtу fejlesztйsekbхl the vбrhatу results from utilization. The vizsgбlatok hozzбjбrulnak hosszъtбvon halбlozбsi rбta due to cancer betegsйg molekulбris cancer patients csцkkenйsйhez.A vonatkozу and clinical data profiljбra integrбlбsa, йs kцzцs adatbбzisban tцrtйnх strukturбlt rцgzнtйse lehetхvй makes kцltsйghatйkony, innovatнv clinical vizsgбlatok Magyarorszбgon tцrtйnх szervezйsйt йs lefolytatбsбt.A the project йs termйk sikeressйgйt the Oncompass Medicine Ltd. results of molecular diagnostics of thousands of patients, and the foundation of the doctor, Dr. Petbk Istvn guaranteed by Gabor Dean Dnj in the field of technical innovation in the field of cancer research. The company cooperates with national and international childrens' centers, which allow the product to become part of everyday on-campus care.
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