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Deterrent similarities

Deterrent similarities

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Children's race contestants and their moms dressed in the same outfit.

The TLC airline can be followed up with 'Toddlers and tiaras' in a series of childbirth competitions: completion, preparation, action. Encouraged by a much-debated show, Anderson Cooper's talk-show host and team decided to make a special appearance.
Some of the most famous moms in the show have transformed their children with their exact other - their dissuasive methods, and they have put them in their children's competition clothes. Although the results seem extremely amusing, the currency is not at all. The purpose of the transformation was originally to give thought to their mothers who were born: is it okay for these little ones to show themselves in scarce outfits and challenging makeup?
However, the attempt was unsuccessful. The notorious "Coupon Cherry" mom, for example, not only found the willow a little tight, but only saw the humorous side of the whole thing. He had a huge party out on the streets, he thought he was a good man. The brilliant change of attitude did not change the attitude of the children in the race.
"There is nothing I have to think about in my decisions about including my soul," he said, "because it's all fun, it's all about having fun. We enjoy it, we enjoy it, that's what we do, this is what we do. My daughter Alana loves this, not basketball or baseball. "
When asked if he had any of his own GoGo Juice - a blend of high-caffeine, Red Bullbull and Mountain Dew, and used to make a kid - he also started, . The presenter actually drank a sip of glass, but politely described him as very sweet. However, there may be something else with the drink, at least looking at videos on the web:

June has stated that she does not give GoGo Juice to the girl every day, and only occasionally gets sugar or some caffeine drink instead of acting.
According to Cooper, the community was amazed at the young girl in the dress, but the mother protested. She thinks it's like a jersey, doesn't show anything, and it still does for kids because they don't have anything to cover.
Luckily for moms, there is another parent from the parents, namely Lifetime's Dance Moms, who are perhaps even more intrigued. "They're worse than us, and we look good," June said. And Kayla, who was known to persuade her to diet and lose weight in the middle, said to the other team, "I think they are average and look very cruel."
"They're worse than us, and we look good with them," June said. And Kayla, who was known to persuade her to diet and lose weight in the middle, said to the other team, "I think they are average and look very cruel."
When asked about the eight-year Ever Rose diet, he said he simply did not want his children to ever reach 135 kilos, as he had once done. "Obviously, my child has lost five kilos in a few weeks. If I could do that, I would patent it, sell it, and be a millionaire. And it would be slim. We always pay attention to what we eat. he really picked up kilos on summer when he didn't move as much as he did. Usually he dances, does gymnastics, but he mostly stops in summer, he just lifted this weight. "
She says she's trying to teach her children to be as conscious as possible about eating and moving, and that they don't have to worry about obsession. "I have children and I do not want us to live up to what I have, because we all have the qualities we want to make our children," he said.
Wondering if these kids will be reminiscent of this show ...
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