The Family's Favorite Robot (X)

The Family's Favorite Robot (X)

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When I was a kid I loved the Microbial cartoon. I was always arrogantly wondering how cool it would be to have such a robot nanny and teacher watch over us instead of ours.

It's possible that someone at Fisher Price did the same thing because the company made a robot friend for the little ones. BeatBo's name for the ever-playing and dancing cute little machine is not only entertaining but also teaches you how to adapt a real robot to the needs of children. True, parents need to make this adjustment by clicking the three-way link, but it is worth the effort because BeatBo develops with the little ones that are guaranteed to last "for years."Let's say BeatBu is hard to get out anyway. It's so cute that every adult we play has at least one half of it. Bulis is a little machine who always dances and sings. When the little one presses the button on his tummy, he immediately comes to life, learning music, moving, light, expressions and gestures. The coolest thing, though, is being able to record any lyrics or songs and then incorporate it into the music (reproducing our own voice). This gives you lots of fun moments for the little ones as well as the parents. Nowadays I play with BeatBo to raise songs for my little school kids. It is priceless when BeatBo repeatedly distorts my voice by saying "The bath is a bath! The bath is a bath!".
Of course, besides games, learning is important. Each of the three grades teaches mastery. "Dance and Movement" mainly develops gestures and rhythmic senses, "Learning and Playing" and "Singing Together" degrees help BeatBu learn, learn, write, learn, and learn about them.

There's only one thing you can't do with grades: BeatBo remains just as lovable, sweet and fun a little robot we can always count on when it comes to some work, singing, or dancing. I didn't come up with a robot nanny back then, but my kids have BeatBo, a real robot friend.