Young people are becoming more frequent in the community

Young people are becoming more frequent in the community

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Young people are becoming more common in the young age group, according to a study by the American Cancer Society (ACS), based on data from 43 countries.

Young people increasingly frequent iStockResearch featured in Gut magazine first includes data on cancer cases occurring in people over the age of 20-49 and over 50 years of age. however, research was limited to certain countries and regions, "said Michael Hoffmeister, an epidemiologist and nutritionist at the German Cancer Center in Heidelberg, who did not take part in the study itself. According to the results, in South Korea between 2008 and 2012, there were 12.9 babies registered per 100,000 fifty years a year.Rebecca Siegel, an ACS associate in Atlanta said the risk of younger people becoming ill with cancer is always lower than that of older people. The rate of cases of over 50 registered in the population of over 50 is the highest in Slovakia at 100,000. It is the lowest in Chennai, India, with 27.5 cases per 100,000. "The data on young adults is very worrying," Hoffmeister said. Researchers have highlighted changes over a decade in 36 countries . The incidence of cancer cases remained stable in 14 countries below the age of 50, fell in three countries - Austria, Italy and Lithuania - and increased in 19 countries. In these 9 countries - Denmark, United Kingdom, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, Slovenia and the United For the time being, little is known about the research. According to the authors of the study, people's diet and lifestyle may have changed because of the Western lifestyle in many countries, such as overprocessed foods and fast food. All this is speculative for the time being, Hoffmeister said. According to Austrian experts, everyone over the age of 50 should undergo colonoscopy, that is to say, burns a biscuit.
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