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Genetic tests for and against

Genetic tests for and against

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For our children, we are instantly conceived with thousands of words and love. That is why I am particularly disturbed by the fears and test results which suggest that something is wrong. How next? This is the big request at this time!

Variety of experience, with mixed results - so we can summarize our essence.

Because they are a little ray of sunshine who can smile at my worst moments, and who we use to talk to each other every day.
Photo: Rbtka Йva

We didn't know in advance
Occasionally, it reminds me that it is not so great to give birth at about forty or more, if you can do it to have your fetus between them and keep only those whose genes and organs are okay. However, I definitely want to emphasize that I do not feel empowered to live in the lives of others, to reverse or to make decisions. I'm talking about myself. I also know a parent who says he is afraid he did not know that Down's syndrome would be his child, because if he had known he would reject it - and would never have forgotten what he had lost.
Sir (thirty-six years old) I was very afraid of going down. However, I thought I couldn't risk my life with a genetic test just to be less worried or confident. It was true that I was not ready for the reception, and then suddenly everything had to be followed, and the joy of childbirth was completely overshadowed by the pain of what was going to be poor, what life would be, what it would never be able to do. (After all, I'm wondering where I got all this nonsense from.) But I don't think it would have been good for this pain to have overshadowed previous months. He had been loving him for nine months without any necessity. Szirka "accepted" the most he helped himself.
On the first two days I thought that even if I couldn't have a child, I would do the exam next, if I did, and I wouldn't keep it positive because I wouldn't be two. I really cried when I was born, I cried. Maybe I had to say goodbye to my old, limited world. I cried all night, all day. And I have watched it the next day and then. My eyes were so swollen that I looked back when I looked at the washboard in the mirror. But in the meantime I started to see it. I thought this was the miracle baby I had been loving and waiting for nine months - the same thing, only my thoughts and feelings changed. And then, when the thought of what it would be like if we fell downstairs now and we both die, it was as if I hadn't thought and thought about the next baby. When I was looking for Szirka's little sister, my cuneiform was acceptable, she didn't try to convince her, but she suggested a blood test, a combined test, at a genetic center that would provide Down Syndrome Validation. Since there is no risk, we saved and did it. It was very strange with Szirk to go to a place whose main profile is to prevent the birth of children like him. The lady was very nice. They have warned you in advance that because of your previous "Downhill Crash" pregnancy (this horrendous expression is included in your information or three times), the result will definitely be positive, but you will also be given a weight on this burden. According to the information, a ratio of 1: 150 is considered positive. We became 1: 380, which is all right in that sense. For this reason, we did not want to conduct a genetic test because it has a single risk of miscarriage. I don't know what it will be like when it is born, but at least it has been nine months since it was born. So I know what it will be like: tiny, love something, wonderful.
We talked with gold after I told him the above.
Йn: We are so sensitive that nothing will go wrong.
Goldka: I think so too.
Yeah, yeah, but you felt it from Siren all the way!
Take a break.
Йn: And you got it right!
Andrea Gyarmati, Budapest
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It was our decision, and we can live with it. We didn't regret it!

That was how I was born
At the time of conception I was 28 years old, Norbi 31. At the first moment I felt something was wrong, but to whom I was telling me it just waved, of course, the "other" condition. Week 12 ultrasound was the limit for cervical radius, and the doctor recommended further examination. I felt like, yes, that was the problem, but of course I tried to dismiss it, but it wouldn't be a problem. At three places, a blood test (eyesight test) was positive, with a 1: 100 and a 1: 3 chance of wearing a baby under my heart. When I heard the worst diagnosis, I was alone and cried so much that I was scared not to have something wrong with my baby. I knew right then that he was mine, even if he had anything. How can I make him sin? I was seven weeks pregnant. We didn't talk to Norbi about the results, we only counted the results for a week. Then, once in a car, I asked him what he thought. He said he couldn't kill him. That's when we decided, and then, on the fifteenth week, I first felt kicked.
Here, I note that the doctors were pre-emptive, having given me an appointment for abdominal screening and an abortion. When I went to see my doctor that we would keep anything, he just smiled and said he agreed, but he couldn't recommend it to him.
From then on, it was easier because we made the decision. And we didn't regret it. Of course, we were hoping for some miracle until the very last minute. We did not, therefore, ask for further examination because it would not have influenced the decision.
We also told you to leave it in the hospital or put it in an institution that is obviously not good for a new mother.
In similar shoes, I think they should inquire after what they can count on. It is only from the experience of the parents of family members that they have a clear picture after mapping the potential development and development opportunities, and they can make a decision to look after them.
Alexandra Black, Йrd
Touch is inadequate
For some time now I was disgruntled with my doctor, but what finally made it to the gate was the week 12 ultrasound. Specifically, the way he came to the conclusion was that in the hallway, circling a pregnant mother told me that I didn't need a sick child anyway. So humiliated I had never felt myself, I thought that the ground under me was stretching. Then he left, and I had to wait in the hallway. Genetic counseling, timing, cancer. To this day, I did not understand why we had to wait weeks to do a fetus test in the clinic. But I didn't go any further, I did the quad test at my own cost, because at that time it was only possible because of the passage of time. Needless to say, the result was totally good, the value of the fern - which basically stated that this kid was crying - was normal ... I was born with a healthy baby, and I thought I'd show it to the doctor once.
Andrea, email
Blindfold, healthy baby
The baby's nasal bone was examined at the week 13 ultrasound examination, but the 2.7-millimeter stump, inside the skin, is high, according to the ultrasound doctor. He said we should look for my doctor urgently. It is normal up to 3 millimeters, but with a high average of 1.5, so the measured values ​​are not the most reassuring.
I got a referral to a women's clinic in Baross Street to be examined there. The end of the genetic counseling was that they did not do another ultrasound because this is normal according to the values, but they were re-ordered after AFP.
At week 17, I had to go back to the clinic with AFP and beta-HCG results. Since all of these results were completely normal, I thought they would just hit and send me. In spite of this, ultrasound was sent and it was reported - without any further explanation - that the risk of genetic abnormality is two to three percent, so they are booked for fetal death next week. After a long period of thinking, I resigned it, and many of them, because I felt like they were playing their fool with me. I didn't get enough reassurance about why I should be back at week 17, and it wasn't too early for you to recommend a fetal water test anyway.
Then, once in a week, the repeated ultrasound showed at week 35 that it was significantly underdeveloped (estimated at 1770 grams), aging of the butterfly, and less than average fetal water. Recent examinations and stroke sound did not show any difference. There was no further excitement, after the birth of week 41, and a perfectly healthy baby. I drew the appropriate lessons, went to the right ultrasound specialist for the next baby, and based on his opinion did not take any further examinations.
No. K., email