Shelling: useful or harmful?

Shelling: useful or harmful?

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It often happens that you have a shell fracture right at the time of your admission examination, almost routinely considering that it will speed up the process and everyone will be over sooner. Is that so?

The main concern is that the shell fracture cannot be undone and, where appropriate, can have serious drawbacks:1. "Your tear is ticking", increases the risk of infection, which is further exacerbated by frequent internal examinations. If after birth, the baby's birth is slower than expected, antibiotics should be given to the baby after some time.2. If the shell is ruptured with a light ripe eggshell, oxytocin infections may give rise to sufficiently strong hemorrhoids, but the mucosa is not well advanced and the fetal head is not advanced in the birth canal. 3. The pregnant mother suffers in the middle, not least, as the beef muscles contract regularly and vigorously. If you are lucky, you may walk away with a ball and try to relieve your pain, but you may have ongoing infections and examination of the fetal tone and buccal strength (CTG). The doctor and the nurse are supposed to "help" with the help of the ovum, but there is an extremely painful operation that does not always produce the desired result.4. The fetus stops the seizures for a while, but as time goes by, you can accept increasingly poorer rankings, which will not produce even a millimeter of progress. Increasingly, CTG indicates that the baby's vocal chords do not return to normal values ​​in short headaches. The next step in this situation is the cesarean section.

The fracturing of the skin is often done at the time of the examination

Perhaps all of this could have been avoided if the unnecessary, delicate intervention in this situation, fracture of the shell, had not occurred. The birth may have begun only two and three days before, and had just begun at dawn, with sufficiently powerful coffins, though it is conceivable that the mare had been open for two weeks. It is very important, therefore, that in an ambiguous situation, a careful decision should be made about whether or not to crack the casing and when exactly this operation will be performed.

This is stated in the professional protocol

йlettani "Invazнv (body hatolу) beavatkozбsra vajъdбs (regular йs erхteljes fбjбstevйkenysйg) it is not szьksйg йs szьlйs sorбn бltalбban, but it can be justified by the megfelelх mйhszбjstбtusznбl burokrepesztйs. Experience elхnyцs if it is 4-5 cm (bх kйtujjnyi) tбgassбgnбl with cervical canal on tцrtйnik , so that the post-partum period is accelerated. (…) Previously, shelling (unless there is no other reason for it) is severely damaging. can cause birth defectsand makes repeatedly avoidable surgery necessary, "says the 2002 Fertilization Ministries Protocol, which lays down uniform guidelines for the profession.

What can a shell fracture do for you?

Shelling or cracking is not painful if you are advanced on birth, and you are ready to go to the postgraduate stage because they do not want to burst by themselves under the stumps, even in a baby jacket. The young woman is placed on a test table or on a cot lying on her back with her feet upright. The fracture can only occur under the breast (this is quite unpleasant). It is necessary to wait until the head of the fetus is pushed downward in the birth canal by the action of the milking, and strains the sheath before it to behave as it is filled with water. Fragmentation is accomplished by means of tools that pinch, slash, or apply the shell.If the baby's skull and amniotic fluid are between the shell, this is an example of the tight bulb mentioned above. If there is no so-called eluvium, the fetus may also become dehydrated. They do, however, deal with fracturing because they release materials that are hardening, Fescue can help strengthen.If sheath fracture is used to induce birth defects, it occurs at a much earlier stage, with a more immature, hard-to-reach skull, with a higher skull. This is also more difficult for the doctor and may make the expectant mother more uncomfortable.

You can count on that

Internal examination is less of a headache if you manage to relax better. In the meantime, slowly exhale the air. At this point, both the abdominal wall and the dam are relaxed. If you are not ready for the exam yet, feel free to speak or point your finger up. The doctor should tell you before the exam, so when your patient is not in the exam position, what happens next, why, and why. You must also ask for your patient's consent.Related articles in parenting:
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