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Cure infection

Cure infection

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Often it is unintentional that light comes from the infection of the vomit, because the baby cannot tell you: Cold when I pee.

Cure infection

Kisanna has developed nicely until three months ago, but once his growth stopped. The baby became restless and cried a lot, though most babies used to grow out of stomach at this time. Would breast milk be light? Of course not, since every time he tosses his tummy, he does not accept the other. The pediatrician suspects order a urine test. We have the sin: bacteria have been cultivated the little girl's urine.The antibiotic cycle has worked, but Kisanna's parents now have to pay special attention to the baby. Whatever infectious disease attacks the little one, a urine test is needed every time. This is because the infection is true can easily returnand, if left untreated, can carry traces of everything in your body.

It's hard to recognize

Fertility infection a second most common disease csecsemхkorban. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to recognize because there are almost no signs or symptoms that the mother or a non-active eye doctor attributes to other causes. Do we think that a urine test is needed when the baby is very sick, sometimes so much that he "forgets to breathe"? It is not uncommon to notice: stomachache, toothache, hysterics, indulgence, low breast milk, or just too much… list of pain. Mбskor slowed growth it is also beside. Eating small amounts is not enough, due to the malfunctioning of the kidneys, it does not get enough of certain nutrients. It is also possible that high fever occurs with diarrhea, vomiting. Due to unknown origin, the possibility of infestation in the body should always be considered. The little ones just after their baby show that their waist, or the kidneys, is head.

What is the doctor examining?

First and foremost, she thoroughly interviews the parent for illnesses in the family. Indeed, certain predisposed factors are hereditary. It also tells you (with older children) how often the little one pees and pee. Urinary retention and constipation itself increase the risk of infection in the body. He then examines the child: it examines the external genitals and touches the abdomen. THE vizeletvizsgбlat should not be missed if you are able to obtain a single dose locally, this is before the baseline test, but in some cases you will need urine collected at home.Painless ultrahangvizsgбlattal it can be determined whether the shape and size of the selected organs (kidneys, airways, bladder, bladder) differ from the average body. Ultrasound imaging shows whether you have congenital malformations, but you can also find signs of inflammation that has occurred in the past or is in the process. This will tell your doctor if there is inflammation in your small body and also to see if your kidneys are working properly.

It is not easy to pee

Urine collection from infants or toddlers is not one of the fun activities. For the most part, you have to be careful to exclude the "false positive" test result, which is to say that a little is disclosed to a patient, although it is not. There are many bacteria on the skin and in the external genitalia that do not cause any problems there, but if detected in the urine, they cause serious trouble. We must avoid trying to avoid any germs in the sample during urine collection.Your infant is given sterile and unexpired warranty. urine collection bag use is the solution, of course, it must first be thoroughly rinsed, clean the external genital area, and also the part between the small lips. Next comes the sticking of the bag and the wait. Larger children use so-called "mid-urine urine" for the test. Place the child in the tub, and after the cleansing described above, wait for them to pee. Only then do you put the glass in the urine jet and remove it before you do the squirting. If this method does not work, the little one may pee in the disinfected cup after cleaning.

She got it in the womb

According to the latest research, it is part of the baby it is infected in several fetuseswhen the mother goes through a cold inflammation. The maternal illness is probably not taken into consideration as pregnancy hormones provide a serious defense and the symptoms are almost unnoticed. The problem does not appear immediately after it is formed, because the protective power of breast milk is very high. a liberal sign. In addition to a thrombosis performed at six weeks of age, a kidney examination could be done in just a few minutes (in many places, they do). . Ultrasound results in a more robust radiological examination, which reveals whether the selected organs are malformed or "only" malfunctioned. Nowadays there is no need to reckon with all the formal problems with surgery, and some prescriptions for drug treatment are eliminated.

Take care of your kidneys

If somebody has been exposed to infections, carries it in itself the possibility of the disease developing. Half of the patients will surely face this problem again. Therefore, it is necessary to check the tiny urine every three months or for any illness that impairs the ability to resist. In addition, you should have an ultrasound examination every year. But why is this knowledge? Unfortunately, the kidney slender structure. The inflammation almost always develops with scarring, which diminishes the kidneys' ability to work and also predisposes them to new diseases. Poorly functioning kidneys cause high blood pressure and can lead to chronic kidney failure.

Medicine and fluids

Most times the disease is cured with antibiotic treatment, but time alone does not help as with virus infections. Long treatment with antibiotics you can make a bélflуrбtand cause another stomach. After one year, add small sour milk products, which also helps the digestive organs to recover. Breastfeeding and drinking plenty of fluids will definitely promote healing. The baby is prone to infection don't take it for a whim or swimming pool. It can leach in natural waters, it is not harmful.

Boys, girls

Csecsemхkorban rather, boys are more prone because they are more prevalent than girls. In these cases, the kidneys also pass through the blood stream from other organs, including throat inflammation. The shorter the leads that lead to the "cold competition", the shorter their tips, and the ease of infection. The hъgycsх located nyнlбsa rбadбsul kцzel the hьvelyhez йs the vйgbйlnyнlбshoz, and they termйszetes йlхhelyei the kьlцnbцzх baktйriumoknak.A hуlyagizom elйgtelensйge also makes the hajlamossб hъgyъti fertхzйsekre, but there is a pбciens who mindenfйle kimutathatу eltйrйs nйlkьl egyszerыen fogйkony this betegsйgtнpusra.
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