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This is how you can prevent stress during pregnancy

This is how you can prevent stress during pregnancy

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Are Parental Complications More Common When Mom Is Anxious, Concerned About Parenting? Are you just screaming about stress, or is the mother really overpowering her troubles?

The latest stress research - based on the results so far - basically continues in three directions. One of the most noteworthy references is examinations that look for correlations between maternal feelings of pregnancy and complications of pregnancy and childbirth. The research results show significant variations. There are differences, but they do not always reach the level of significance, that is, the regularity level.

Definite birth weight

The only serious correlation with skin was lower birth weight, which, however, is a very specific result in itself, as it is a risk factor for low birth weight. Research has recorded an average reduction of 250 grams. Although not uncommon, they occur with significant frequency in the tested relationship intrauterine growth retardation (in the womb, the baby is significantly retarded in development), abortion йs pre-eclampsiathat is epilepsy is one of its manifestations.

Partner support is essential

The electrolytic factor

Previously, when we presented our relationship analysis, we had already noted that none of the 250 cases we documented were premature, and that we could process such relationships with the help of relationship analysts. fetal traumawhich consequently had a baby heart rate consistently in the 200 range. This number and the case all prove that, in most cases, psychological factors play a much larger role in the biological life of the uterus. placentasorvadбst We have also succeeded in halting and reversing the psychological tools, which is also clear evidence that the underlying psychiatric factor of this organ disease is also present.

Emotional support

From relationship analysis - this is between the mother and the fetus - the spiritual lineage - we can now say that it is a vital preventive tool, not only a more balanced, more advanced and better bean. Several studies have found a correlation between low birth weight and slowness of development, as well as magatartбsproblйmбk йs mental illness kцzцtt. Mothers who take in a supportive environment during pregnancy are more likely to bring greater weight to babies. Of course, the nature of support is generally not insignificant. It seems that the information and information about the fun itself reduces stress during the fun. But more importantly, the more relaxed the baby is Emotional supportwhich can be provided primarily by males and life partners.These will also be useful:
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