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There are 4 common, but not typical, signs of diabetes

There are 4 common, but not typical, signs of diabetes

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Frequent urine stimulation, increased thirst, difficult to heal wounds - very common symptoms of type 2 diabetes, which are well known to most people, so they often seek medical attention.

There are 4 common, but not typical, signs of diabetesYes, but there are many other warning signs of the disease, which are not the only thing that jumps in, that it is worth checking your blood glucose values. What are common but non-typical signs of diabetes are those dr. Porochnavecz Marietta, Diabetes Center Diabetes Center.

Common skin problem

It is common in diabetic patients who have recurring skin problems. One of the most common is when darker, lighter palpation occurs on the skin, usually in the bends, on the neck, wrists, and elbows (acanthosis nigricans). This is because high insulin levels increase the growth of skin cells and the production of melanin. If you experience this, be sure to check your blood sugar level (OGTT, not only your fasting and insulin levels) as it is very common that you may have insulin resistance or a high degree of diabetes. including skin infections, pneumonia, and severe skin itching.


Many people do not think about it, although snoring may be a symptom of diabetes, in fact, almost half of people with type 2 diabetes experience the problem. In fact, according to a recent Canadian study, patients diagnosed with sleep apnea developed diabetes in 5 out of 5 and 5 years. The exact cause of this connection is still unclear, but it is wary that stress hormones are released, which raises blood sugar levels.


Hearing loss is usually attributed to age, but it is important to know that diabetes can be a symptom if you turn the TV louder. According to a study by the National Institute of Health, hearing loss can be an early sign of diabetes. People with elevated blood glucose levels, who have not yet been diagnosed with diabetes, had a 30 percent higher risk of developing cataract compared to their healthy counterparts. This is because high blood glucose levels damage the blood vessels in the inner ear, causing hearing damage - explains dr. Porochnavecz Marietta, Diabetes Center for Diabetes.

Decrease in body weight

It is a common belief that Type 2 diabetes is only indicated by an increase in body weight. True, one of the main risk factors for diabetes is overweight, but patients may have less balance in their tongue without diet and more exercise and stress. The reason for this is the increased urine output due to high blood sugar. As a result, you lose both water and glucose, as your blood sugar is lost along with urine. In addition, as the cells then become hungry, the body begins to break down the protein from the muscle, which also results in weight loss.Related articles in Diabetes Symptoms:
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