This will make your denture beautiful

This will make your denture beautiful

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It is often believed that dental caries is infected. There are indeed good and bad tooth families, but this can be explained more by the same diet and nursing habits.

The shape, position and structure of the teeth may become dry, which, while influencing the tendency to deteriorate, can be offset by proper care. In addition to careful oral care, proper nutrition, fluoride intake, half-yearly dental check-ups, and proper vitamin intake are extremely important.
Your toothbrush is just one of the factors you should teach your child to brush their teeth. Good tooth brushing will last until we have removed the sheets. It takes at least two to three minutes. Fluoride is also important as it enters the tooth and results in a more resilient enamel, which in turn results in more resilient tooth development, but it also has an important effect in blocking the action of certain sugar-free enzymes.
Regular fluoride intake and topical application can reduce the currency of tooth decay by between twenty and twenty percent. Fluoride is not a panacea, but it can really achieve great results. However, you can only expect real success if you use the other three methods of prevention, oral care, good nutrition, regular control, and regular application!

Бdбz Anti-Nass

From the point of view of teeth, it is not the quantity and quantity of sweetness that matters, but its frequency, which is why it is the most common cause of etching. It is interesting to note that the effect of chocolate and chocolate-coated sweets on caries is smaller. The reason for this is probably attributable to the fat content of cocoa, as fats have a deleterious effect. Teach your child that you can get cakes only on the occasion of cooking and make sure to brush your teeth afterwards. Remember, snacking is not only good for you, but also for consuming sugary tea!

The right tooth brushing cannot be taught too soon

The role of vitamins

Vitamin B is also called nerve nutrition. Vitamins B provide our body cells with energy, stimulate fat and white metabolism, and even more so: muscles, digestive organs, hair, eyes, lungs.
Different types of B vitamins have a lot in common, which is why they are referred to as vitamin B complexes. They are usually derived from the same dietary sources (such as liver, whole grains, millet), and work closely together. They all dissolve in water, which means that blood and urine are quickly washed out and need to be sprayed so thin. Thoroughly stewed and mixed with a good handle, they are lifted for better efficiency. Vitamins B never occur in nature (say, in the green), but they are always together in complexity.


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