The rules are there to break them sometimes

The rules are there to break them sometimes

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Have you ever spent fast food with your kids? Have you noticed that the other mom is looking away, or even trying to become almost invisible? Why aren't we smiling rather complacently at each other? Whoops, we failed. It happens…

The rules are there to break them sometimes (photo: iStock)Nothing and nobody's perfect. No matter what rules we have in place about parenting, or generally about our lives, it can always happen that we have to temporarily let go, we have to do something about it, . Our children will not watch for dead, push their paws, they will never eat sweets - they only get green, fruit and organic delicacies for women - we will bathe every day and wash our teeth three times a day. We will never play them down or play chess with Jesus / Santa / Easter arrow. It was a wonderful list, we are always proud of it, and with our partner, we strive to comply with the rules in all circumstances. The point is almost coming… The moment when a person's head is about to burst, and when the situation just can't be bridged, unless we throw away our principles. And it may happen that as a child with two bucks in that time, we keep our cell phone on the back with the Bogy and Babu video. The child stops crying, and mom and dad can wake up for a few minutes. so at least not die of starvation. " Surely the scrapbook is also familiar with when our couple departs, and on the fifth day, we have nothing more to expect than just falling into the sky, so you can bathe and have a baby sooner. that we have just failed and failed to "better" solve those situations. We may not even mention these cases even to our couple, because we fear that they might be overpowered. Obviously, our friends and familiar mothers also do not praise the fact that it is possible for a child to have a glassy meal every other year if he or she is fed with his or her homework.
Do our rules really serve the interests of our children, or do we try to comply with external pressures? Do we really bother to see a little story, are we really worried that it will adversely affect our development? Or do we just not want to be labeled as negligent mothers who bring their children to the father instead of caring for them? What do we never eat in a fast food restaurant? We are credible in banning children, and even fighting war on french fries and chicken chickens, when we run twice a week on the fast food buffet and eat two red lights to make sure that " and stick to the rules more or less. But our rules should definitely reflect us, to be credible, in particular, everything is worth nothing. As Tamás Vekerdy ​​once said, "We cannot be perfect mothers; and fight with us all the way through with our kids. Not perfect, not brilliant. Whenever possible, be present. To be congruent, to be my self. "
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