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Allergic immunotherapy is the only lasting solution

Allergic immunotherapy is the only lasting solution

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Again, the pollen season, with more and more people throbbing, eye and nose itching, runny nose, nasal congestion. Even if you are bored with year-to-year allergic symptoms, you can use long-term allergic immunotherapy to help calculate it.

Allergic immunotherapy is the only lasting solutionIn fact, you can reduce your allergic symptoms by up to 80% this summer! People with allergies to ragweed may begin treatment by the end of April.

Significant improvement, already in the first year

Have you noticed that the symptoms of pollen allergy return year after year? Depending on what you are allergic to, the age at which the allergen plant begins to blossom can certainly count on its appearance. Would you like to change this? Allergic immunotherapy can help you, because if you are allergic to ragweed and you are just starting out, this treatment can reduce the symptoms by 80 percent this summer. How is it different from the usual treatments so far? Arrуl more on the second point.

The only lasting solution

Not only does the effect of allergenic immunotherapy last as long as you take the dents, but it lasts, so if you are treated successfully for up to 8 to 10 years, you will not have to keep your allergy symptoms. Dr. Katalin Balogh Allergologist, head of the Buda Allergy Center, said this beneficial effect can be attributed to the fact that allergenic immunotherapy moves the normal immune system and causes the patient to be able to complain about it. Although the treatment should continue for 3 years, the symptoms will only become less severe during this time, but certainly not stronger.

Long-term Investor

Allergic Immunotherapy Treatment - Different from the Environment in Europe - there is no support for us, we need to fund the hiring staff completely. Everybody here is worth a short count, especially if you have had several years of allergies, how much your illness has been, and how pleased you are with the results of your symptomatic treatment. This can be compared to the cost of allergic immunotherapy, which in the case of ragweed allergy may cost up to 10-30 thousand a year, so that the number of treatments in the first year will be 80 percent. The treatment should continue for three years, but its effect should be followed it survives up to ten years, for as long as you don't have the symptoms, so you don't have to account for allergies for a while.

Because you can be sure

The question of whether the treatment is likely to be successful in a particular patient can be answered by a special examination, component-based diagnostics. Targeted one-to-one allergen component diagnostics to be performed prior to allergen immunotherapy to determine if the patient is allergic to the major, i.e., the main allergen. (at least 80% of patients yes). Because the allergies used in allergen immunotherapy contain major allergens, so the treatment will almost certainly be effective if the patient is allergic to the main allergen. The negligible extra cost associated with allergenic immunotherapy costs makes it possible to accurately determine the allergen that is assisted by immunotherapy treatment. can be handled most effectively.

It can prevent new allergies and asthma

Anyone who has a history of allergies and may not be well suited to the symptoms they have on their own, treating the disease himself or herself may have noticed that his or her symptoms appear to be spreading earlier or later than in previous years. This may be due to the appearance of new allergies over time, which may result in symptoms occurring in other periods. Another common cause of allergies is the onset of asthma. To avoid these allergic events, allergen immunotherapy alone offers the opportunity. Currently, this is the only treatment that can reverse the course of allergic disease to prevent the onset of further allergies and the development of asthma.Related articles in Allergy:
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