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A new birth class is being created

A new birth class is being created

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The new Department of Birth and Occupation is investing around $ 3 billion. The 50 bed class will also meet the most modern requirements.

A new birth class is being createdHorváth István said in a press briefing in Szekszard: a new, middling class in the helicopter area next to the hospital's children's department, won 56 million forints for the plant planning, which is expected to be completed in the first half of 2018. The new hospital block from a national or European unique source by 2020, It will kill you by 2021 The state secretary, who is also the deputy representative of the Szekszard electoral district, pointed out that the Tolna County Regional Court has had an annual development of HUF 6 billion. More big buildings have been revived, solar panels have been built, and significant steps have been taken to eliminate the former gazebo system. In the hospital, midwifery is the only department that still works in isolation.
The current state of the hospital may continue to function as a health center that will provide market services, he said.Csaba Németh, the county governor has reported that in the new venture that will link up with the children's department, they create double rooms with bathrooms, they also buy new nursing and medical equipment. The helikopterleszбllуt kуrhбz the "H" йpьletйnek tetejйn alakнtjбk out, which will be about the kцzvetlen intйzmйny mыtхblokkjбval.Az ezerбgyas szekszбrdi kуrhбz szьlйszetйnek terьleti ellбtбsi kцtelezettsйge 170 thousand to 200 thousand nхgyуgyбszat terйn is spread to humans ki.Az osztбlyon йvente 1200-1300 szьletik children, 13-15 thousand outpatient patients and 2600-2800 in-patients are being treated.Related articles in parenting:
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