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Is the age of alpha superpowers coming?

Is the age of alpha superpowers coming?

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It seems that a new kind of "superfluous" is emerging, which does not need much more than the financial support of his husband.

Let's start with the definition of a breadwinner: someone whose earning is the primary source of wealth with which the whole family can afford financial security. I wonder if it is More than 50% of family members living in the United States are breadwinners.Social standards have changed a lot lately, and he has appeared. alpha felesйg idea. Of course, this change did not take place overnight, but over the past 20 years, sociologists have only begun to study. It was clearly men's salary that was the primary source of family income. The reason for this is in the traditional male roles, where men were breadwinners and women were home-makers. In older generations, men have almost been lured into the fact that when they have more money, they must feel uncomfortable. Their bodies and their male genitalia suffered from malady. (Let's add, even if such a material difference occurred, it was mostly of an ancestral nature.) The few independent, successful women who had fallen into this category for some other reason are hidden. Implementing education and career plans was clearly a matter for men, which obviously led to them becoming family breadwinners.

The men were relieved

But the twentieth century also saw a turnaround: women were given the opportunity to develop and study professionally, so they emerged in areas where there was absolute male dominance. The weaker non-earning ability increased dramatically, but it also attracted a sense of responsibility. Many men today think it's fair that women are earning as much as they can, and more, and their masculine ego and morality are almost gone. A study in California showed that the former stronger is not at all relieved that it is not his sole job to maintain the family, nor to make the most important decisions.More and more women are in leadership positions with good pay
According to statistics, 1 in 3 women who earn more than $ 100,000 a year (which translates into about $ 25 million in recalculation) survives on a couple who bring home less money. Rgen was a guy when he was looking for him, and he was considered a "good catcher," and the woman who came to see such a man seemed to make the best choice. The trend now seems to be the exact opposite: good looking women are counted as good parties in the eyes of men.
Catherine Bartlett according to American sociologist, the age of "trophy excesses" is slowly being replaced by the age of "alpha superfluities".
"The trophy is superior to the young, the beautiful, and the beloved of the body. It was not earning, nor was it renowned for its intellectual abilities. but the externalities are secondary, "says the expert.
Since the burden of maintaining a family is not just a matter of men, it is a problem for many women. For there are some women who do not qualify for the breadwinner role. And this can not lead to a family conflict. Because women and men are equally educated and trained, it is legitimate for women to work full-time as well.
With women now able to create a secure existence for themselves, men's perceptions have shifted away from work. To work just to "get ahead? Is not necessarily satisfying to them, I think it's more important to love their job. On the contrary, alpha-women have the priority of being alive, though they do matter.

Everyone has to put it in the middle

Changing trends is inevitable. Valуszнnыleg this shift in gender roles encourages couples to rethink their material and individual goals. Safe and good income is unquestionably a source of confidence and independence, whether it is women or men, and you should not enjoy it. However, it is important to contribute to the life of the family, either materially or in other productive ways, so that the thing can work in the long run. (Via)Also worth reading:
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