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The kids also have a half-list of kids

The kids also have a half-list of kids

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Lack of professionals seems to slow down care in our country, not just for adults. In many cases, a child will have to wait several months before being able to receive the appropriate specialist care.

A Lot to Expect in Child Orthopedics "The shoemaker chick called my attention to her ankle inside. I made an appointment for orthopedics, we got an appointment for AUGUST 30th. What is the problem with this ankle ankle? I guess she'll need supine shoes. Is it okay to come in August in plain baby shoes? Or should you take it to an orthopedic patient yourself? Or will you outgrow your inward ankle without help?"- A worried Budapest mother is one of the biggest groups on the community site. A reporter for the RTL club has tried and called for pediatric orthopedic appointments with a timeliness goal. "Why do we have so much waiting time?" The answer is: "We don't have a doctor enough, Mom." there would have been a date.

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- There is little specialist, there are many specialty orders, very long lists, and I have to say that it is almost everywhere. And after years of saying that there is less and less pediatric medicine, it is obvious that the subspecialist will automatically become less educated - he said dr. Poet Gyцrgy Chairman of the Home Pediatricians Association.Rétvбri Bence he said the government expects recruitments to solve the problem of a lack of professionals. It also reassures us that, in 2010, there were only 1,000 students a year in medical practice, currently 1,400.


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