How to Avoid Nausea During Your Travel?

How to Avoid Nausea During Your Travel?

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Ideas to avoid long-term carelessness.

How can you avoid feeling sick while traveling?

There's a hammering on the road contradictory stimuli in the brain give. THE baby's brain is still immature the perception of these, so it will not be bad, the car will rather ruin it. However, the baby's brain is much more advanced, sensing that tactile and equilibrium information from the organ of the equilibrium comes in, even though the eye is "calm", especially if they have a picture in the car. This perceived contradiction replaces the gossip. Look for more things to look at instead of book browsing. Spot your attention on the ground, discover animals, tall towers, boulders ... Who first gets a cow, a rider, a tractor? Schedule your trip to day-to-day sleep - you won't feel like you're sleeping during the day. anti-nausea pill or homeopathic remedies. Ask your pediatrician for advice on which one to recommend. Make a note of the effect you have experienced and try to figure out what views are best. Of course, it is important that you sit comfortably in your safety seat. With a damp, ventilated terry cloth in summer, you can make sure your back does not fit into the living room. If you ignore the backstory, you will always notice it, and you will not have to entertain it backwards - you will also be stunned. Set the cooler to 18 degrees Celsius, the coolness lightly. If you are freezing, put on a light blanket. Take it with you some thin lemons. Sprinkle it on the palms and the back of the head or drop a few drops of lemon oil on a handkerchief. It smells good for nausea, nausea, heartburn, headaches, and has a calming effect, but does not blush it. cold peppermint or lemon water, that fixes the abdominal stomach. It is important, however, not only for liquids to be shot through. Stop occasionally, get out of the car, and wake up and bite some wholemeal bread made of whole cucumber. Instead of long-lasting, hard-to-digest fats and cheeses, chew on greens and fruits. Sudden turns, gas-driving she wears every trip. Ask the abbot to avoid the athletic driver when driving together.

What does help with nausea?

  • figyelemelterelйs
  • good climate and comfort in the car
  • aromaterбpia
  • homeopathic remedies
  • more small portions, light snacks
  • cold water or fresh peppermint tea
  • frequent break
  • even travel speed
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