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The smallest pet in the world could go home for good

The smallest pet in the world could go home for good

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Five months later, after a hospital stay, he was home to the smallest baby in the world. The baby weighed in at 245 grams by week 23.

The Saybie baby girl was born on Week 23 at just 245 grams. After spending five months at San Diego Hospital, he has now been released for a total of 2 kilos. Х the world's smallest, prematurely born baby.The world's smallest newborn is Saybie, one of her nephews. Photo: HO / AFP The mother, who wants to keep her incognito, said that the most exciting day of her life was her birth day. She was hospitalized with very high blood pressure and preeclampsia, and had to have a baby immediately, even though she was only 23 weeks pregnant. Doctors two, then days, then weeks. The Guardian also made a video of the fascinating story. The mother also makes a statement in the video, but only by voice, because, although she has consented to the communication of the stories, she does not want to go public. (via Guardian)
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