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Symptoms and treatment of polycystitis in childhood

Symptoms and treatment of polycystitis in childhood

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When stuck in the morning, he has a red and light eye - it looks like a double inflammation. What to do?

Symptoms and treatment of polycystitis in childhood

If you visit your child sometimes (sometimes in a playroom, baby-mum room, playground), even a chick or a kid, it is worthwhile to get acquainted with the common cold, inflammation. How? Let's give it to each other lightly the viruses and bacteria responsible for the syndrome, because they catch everything with their hands, then they touch their face, rub it against their eyes, and we are all over the place. One of the conjunctivitis most common eye disease at all ages, which is an inflammatory change in the loose, translucent, permeable hemorrhoids. Among the most common causes of bacterial or viral infections and allergic reactions, newborns may also have a completely invisible but also a foreign his veins are full, his eyes are red. It may appear unsteady but often with upper respiratory tract disease. Йrintheti only one or mindkйt is.Gyermekeknйl eye may indicate the alбbbi tьnetek rб: sнrбs, nyыgцssйg, szemdцrzsцlйs, fйnykerьlйs, hunyorgбs, mнg bakteriбlis eredetы gyulladбsnбl (e.g. Staphylococccus aureus, Streptococcus pneumoniae or Haemophilus influenzae.) Expressed szemvцrцssйg, sбrgбs-zцldes vбladйkozбs , pinching, stinging of the eyelids, swelling of the eyelids call attention to the problem. In the case of varicose veins (eg adenoviruses), tinnitus, itching, and severe swelling of the eyelids are indicated, and the viscous eyes are more watery, translucent. If you have a bigger baby, you can also say that your eyes are dry as if there is something in your eyes. In this case, the symptom is responsible for some allergen (eg pollen, animal hair, perfume, cosmetics, smoke) and, in addition to eyelids, itchy nose, itching, runny nose.

Miracle the pediatrician!

The diagnosis is a routine pediatrician easy to set up. It is important to know that conjunctivitis is also a disease that can often heal without medication (you may have tried not to take it with a woman who is ill), lowers the events in the case of bacterial infection antibiotic eye drops or ointment The doctor orders it, but it also treats viral inflammation in a similar way, as in this case, the goal is to prevent bacterial infections.


With the use of drops, the eyelid should be sterilized by steaming eyelids, boiled and cooled in cold water, three times a day, starting from the corners of the eye. Chamomile swelling of the eyelids is not recommended as it can increase the redness of the eyes, cause swelling and itching!tip
Use eye drops and cream for medical use only, and store in a refrigerated container after first opening and after use. Applying eye drops is probably easier for smaller children: when lying down, you can drop the eyelids into the lower curl. If you are struggling with your child, you can drop it into the inner corners of the eye so you can open the medicine when you open it. inflammatory drugs are prescribed by a specialist. If a foreign body causes complaints, it can be remedied by a specialist. If you have neonatal recurrent ocular inflammation, treat it adequately with ca. At the age of 2.5 to 3 months, the larynx is suppressed and antibiotic cleansed.


Infectious ulcerative colitis usually spreads through drip infection and personal contact, so frequent washing may help prevent it. because infectious disease, it is important to make all parents aware that children who suffer from this cannot go to the community!Related articles in COPD:


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