7 Good Tips To Get Your Pregnant SleepThe Secret to Being Sleepy While Sleeping

7 Good Tips To Get Your Pregnant SleepThe Secret to Being Sleepy While Sleeping

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We've collected a few tips to help you sleep better in the 9 months.

Pregnancy: Some tips for good sleep

Tips for good sleep:

1. PushedTime-consuming experimentation, but it's worth it. Because of your tummy, test the side of the page and see if it is better if you put your foot up. Its small location and location also determine which position is comfortable.2. In the Praise of the FeathersBe it the pillowcase (also known as the breastpad) that you hold in your toe, or the simple pillow, maybe the shape of the pillow, lying on the side you support your back, collect more from yourself to ensure perfect posture. It may also be necessary to pad only one leg (the one on the top) while lying on your side while the other leg remains stretched. This is especially helpful when businesses start the painful preparation for childbirth. - the hips are "relaxed" to allow the baby to travel more easily.3. Bamboo patternThe secret to good sleep is balanced and smart evening meal. Far too heavy, spicy, greasy teeth always get out of the way, and stomach ache can sometimes do without them. This comes with frequent peeing, so do not drink large amounts of liquid in the evening as you will be spraying it with you.4. Slow down!Caffeine is not your friend, but at least it is almost certainly better to count in the evening and in the evening. There are also differences in opinion about the right to drink coffee during pregnancy. If you want to refresh, consume black tea or decaffeinated coffee instead. There is some caffeine in the latter, and this amount is just enough for a little baby.5. Break it up!Footburns can cruelly smash the sign, dawn and breakfast. Pay attention to your calcium and magnesium intake, in agreement with your doctor, to move more and more in the sun (don't go to bed before!) and try to get enough in the sun!6. Snoring?Even during pregnancy, the most anxious of the women can be snoring. If your partner observes prolonged respiratory distress or your smartphone application indicates this, your doctor may suggest that sleep apnea can cause premature birth and complications.7. Relax!During pregnancy, it is especially important to spend at least 20 minutes a day in a relaxed environment. Learn something relaxation technique, exercise, or just observe what turns off the maximum. Practice before going to bed!
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