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Kolompos tбnchбz

2/25/2018, Saturday 4:00 PM
Millenбris (Budapest) - Fogadу

The Sahara from here and beyond - Music and Instruments for North and West Africa (for ages 6-12)

The series' main characters are music "tools" - musical instruments. They will get to know the listeners through authentic live music, with the help of the musicians who created it. With a variety of country music and rarely seen musical instruments, kids can meet at various Saturday night concerts and follow-up shows.
2012-02-25, Sunday 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Palace of Arts (1095 Budapest Komor Marcell u. 1.) Glass room

Domestic pet and plant catalog

Domestic animals of dogs, cats, parrots, birds, terrestrial rodents, reptiles. Hunting for cats and dogs. All the necessary utensils, equipment and food for keeping animals. And, of course, animals, flowers and fairy tales in LUFIBUL!
2/25/2016, Sat-Sun, 10 am-6pm
Pethfi Hall / PeCsa Music Hall, (1146 Budapest, Zichy Mihбly ъt 14.)

Here's the carnival, blah! Carnival weekend at the Tropicarium

Children under the age of 14 in full-sized costumes can visit the shoe zoo for free when purchasing an adult ticket. A jumping table awaits children, where they dress up their children in masquerade and the owner of the most sophisticated costume to win a family ticket to Tropicarium. All costume visitors under the age of 14 participate in small gifts.
2/26/2012, Sun, 10am to 8pm
Tropicarium Budapest (1222 Budapest, Nagytétinyi Street 37-43.)

Baby Concert with Liszt Academy students (0-1 year olds, 30 minutes)

The Baby Concerts kйthetente kнnбlnak a zenehallgatбsi lehetхsйget where hangzбs, music pieces цsszeбllнtбsa the kцrnyezet are igazнtva the babбkhoz, йs where the little ones can rйszesei the kьlцnbцzх stнlusъ йnekes йs instrumental chamber music nor pуtolhatу anything йlmйnyйnek most important szбmukra felnхttek kцzvetlen kцzelsйgйben.
2/27/2017, htfх, 10:15, 11:30
Palace of Arts (1095 Budapest Komor Marcell u. 1.) Glass room

Star Eyes - Child Nursery Education for Pre-School Children (3-7 Years)

The Timber method in the world of New York is like the Kodбly method in music, and the Star Eye is one of the most prestigious and award-winning companies in the Hungarian art scene. All old and new kindergarten children are welcome to get acquainted with the traditions of Hungarian pop music and folk music.
2012-02-29 Wed, 4 pm-5pm
Eötvös 10 (1067 Budapest, Eötvöss 10)

The Golden Gate Exhibition is open - a storyline featuring film projection and a family playhouse

Old-time games are reminiscent of the children of the past, the world, when everything could be played: a pebble, a corncob, a piece of lightly changed baby, rifle or ball, and fun. With games, pictures, movies and related occupations, as well as a little nostalgia for adults and young people.
2/25/2012, Saturday 2:00 pm-5:00pm
Munkácsy Mihбly Museum of the Békés County (5600 Békéscsaba, Széchenyi u. 9.)