Baby on the beach

Baby on the beach

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Are you afraid that your pregnancy is not in the middle of the flu season, but you can't even imagine how your vacation will be with one more person? No matter if you didn't even think you were traveling three at the time of booking - we'll tell you what to expect on the beach.

Baby on the beach

The first question that comes to a baby's mother is what kind of swimsuit to choose. Bikinis and one-piece swimsuits also have their pros and cons - the former is comfortable to wear, but leave the tummy free (that is, harmlessly), while it provides additional protection against the sun's rays, but it can grow out quickly and wet "all over your body" when you are wet. and a beach scarf or a lightweight beachwear made of lightweight fabric can be good. It is also worth investing in a straw hat as the head radiation will warm the body the most, so with this cute accessory you can minimize the risk of sunburn.

Fillings - Half Success

As a general rule, it is forbidden to expose your tummy to hot days during pregnancy. The UV rays they are not dangerous by default either, and you should double count their effects by chance. Because of the play of hormones, it's much more like this The skin is more sensitive, sooner, it will become smudged with liver, and you may develop temporary sun allergy, so the best choice is the flies. You're a deciduous tree napernyх you can tan in the sunshine under the sun, and sunblock creams are essential here. And at the end of the day, you can get extra hydration, especially on your stomach, because besides water, sunlight also dries the skin.

Do not splash

You hear a lot of stories in the waters, catching infections in poolswhich are not entirely groundless, but you do not have to envy the bathers enviously. Whether you are diving on the beach or in natural waters, try to be aware of the purity of the water beforehand. The cloudier and dirtier the water surface is, the greater the risk of contamination. Too cold water can cause toxins, and too hot can cause lower appetite, which in turn provides perfect conditions for the reproduction of pathogens. The spa tubs are within them generally not recommended for minerals due to minerals. According to experts, by the 30th week you can relax in the water, but then only plunge into the water when the egg is completely closed - because the absence of menstruation can reduce the ability of the vagina to reduce, thus reducing the ability of the vagina.Hint: Since you will most likely spend most of your time on the beach, you should not worry about your comfort. The cooler is not enough, but rather bring a mattress that you can swallow with yourself, or Folding garden chairs, which is easier to get up to, and you can avoid getting cold.Related Articles:
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