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The topic of whether or not to suck on your fingers is bad, and if you are sucking, when will you when to quit.

Many small children suck their finger up to 3 years old

Fanni, one of our readers, asked: "How do I get my baby off my fingertip by the time you go out?"
Let's see what mothers advise:

1. Why should I quit?

Mine is old and cum on sleep, but that doesn't bother me. Certainly you need it for something. Think about who or what you want to quit. Are you sure it's so important?

2. Fingering with eyes open

I advise Уvуnхkain and mother not to want to quit. This will be important to him when he is expelled from you… Tell your son that this does not bother you and ask them not to sacrifice it! You obviously try to reduce this during the day (give your game a go, act it), but for example, when you are asleep, you will need some relaxing cum. Meanwhile, at home, look for the soft object, plush figure, rag that you most like to bring with you to be a replacement. It is possible to bring "sleeping pills" to every door. My baby was two and a half years old, and one day he stopped "cummedis" for the other. He was very sorry to me!

3. Hamm!

My baby is sucking his finger, too, and my mom told me she would bite her finger once and then stop.

4. Balm? Oh no!

If I book my son and give him tasks, he won't even remember. There are more people sucking their fingers in the ovi, so that doesn't stop them from sucking their fingers. I hope by the time you go to school, you will quit roula. The dentist told me that my fingers have bad teeth, I need to apply Vietnamese balm. Well, it's not.

5. The sample is important

I think if you can see the other kids who, at best, don't suck their fingers, they will and will not. Anno ian my gum I was hit by it, but in school I quit it in no time.

6. Beginning

We negotiated to be free to sleep only, willing to compromise.

7. How do you get rid of your finger sucker? Not at all!

If a little three-year-old ovis kid sucks his finger, it is not at all abnormal. Obviously some kind of "pushy" this little one (cool, half, or just soothe), and as soon as he is mature, he will abandon this habit. So I know if your fingers are not broken by the age of six or eight, you should seek the help of a specialist.
If you want to quit everywhere, you might want to make a bargain like before you were born, but if that doesn't work, you don't have to force it.
My baby is sucking his finger, it's age-old, and he has a lot less in his mouth than he did three months ago. Perseverance, patience, and if you don't go by yourself, you're a specialist!

8. Once you have started

Three-year-olds still need a finger to suck. If you told me in the kindergarten to quit, I'm afraid the educators were not professionally prepared there. If you just suck your finger to sleep or when you're tired or bored, that's fine. If you always have your finger in your mouth, that's a problem. But you don't have to quit, but find out why you need constant reassurance.
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