Traveling with the baby

Traveling with the baby

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Let's give it to parents who love traveling but have not dared to go out with their little kids. If only a little bribe missed me, we got it now.

Traveling with the baby

"Let's get together! We'll have our wedding in July, will you come?" - I read my oldest friend's e-mail on an April evening two years ago and immediately shared the good news with me. We thought together, but then we started counting: because at the wedding time, our souls will always be so and half-moon! And all this is exciting because the wedding invitation he came straight from greece. And you have to get there somehow! The airplane is too expensive, the car is too macerabs. Then, after a May holiday in Lake Balaton, the decision was born: if our little girl carries a car so good three months later - without a voice, back then - then you might want to see what a real gem looks like. And victory! The long car, the foreign place of residence, the steady coming men, were described by the Miss as if it were a routine journey. Even though it has just begun! With prayer, I decided to go all the way back in my childhood: once we multiply, our hobby, traveling we will not give up. Neither did our children, so we also knew that backpacking, trekking times would be followed by more comfortable country and world life - as would other families. Many people, however, say that they cannot relax when they spend their holidays with their young children. Others believe that the inconvenience of traveling will cause babies to suffer, making them suffer. Anyway, let's think about it parents agree in this request. We think our brides no matter where they are, that they can be with us. Our numerous adventures prove that it is possible to travel with children, and even children. I don't want to persuade anyone, but maybe there are some readers who just lack a bit of leniency ... can I tell you? One day we decided to go over to Fonyуdrуl Badacsony, where the boys would drink a glass of wine and have some fun. We boarded the catamaran, but we still did not run out of the harbor when Zhufi had filled the pelvis. Since there was no place for diapering on my greasy hair, I cleaned the baby in the stroller: I put her in a relatively quiet corner, put on a textile blanket, and tried to change the diaper without appearing. I was terribly embarrassed! I thought with Nimi's nostalgia about this case, round thirteen months later. On the Fonyud-Badacsony route, not even leaving the Fonyüd harbor, my one-month-old son, Andris, was well on his way. I didn't even see if the mind had thought about traveling with small children in a year, and if they had made a diaper somewhere ... I routinely brought the stroller into the same corner and cleaned it with all my heart. Who saw it, was good at it, and it was done. . Great summer time, we've tested it many times, but let's go back to that Greek for a while. We got to Kavala without any problems, the 1,200 kilometers did not fall. On the way back, the Rila monastery was also included, the foundation was a victorious one, it had so many badges. In Bulgaria and Serbia we kept silent until the end, but in Tompany only the candlestick is different. On the domestic stage we had two choices: either we listen to the show or singing in the end the Once upon a Time Character. The latter one was chosen so there was only a bit of bump on the air. Hurrб! It was only worth listening to the Kolompos record until the nose bleed! Zsufi was just a year old and my son was on the seventh month when we decided to celebrate the holy, the Fertzh, the hut. There was no problem with the booking, neither the lame bed nor the bicycle's childhood, both of which were available. Although it was a bit rainy for the end of the week, we were lucky on Sunday: it didn't fall at all. We jump on the bike, my daughter is in front of me, and I'm after her. After the mountains, Fertőplak, then Fertőd, everywhere we stopped for a bit, Zhuffi for a short pasture, and for a short breath.Fresh spring fragrance everywhere, our soul enjoyed the trip. We had just left Sarrood - about 12 kilometers from our place of residence - when I noticed that my little boy was half his head. So suppressed by the fresh air that he fell asleep in the living room! We fast-forwarded, as the table said there must have been a pub nearby. We did just one kilometer and there was a real estate there. We were lucky, after a long break, they opened for the first time that weekend. The baptism was run by a housewife who offered us immediate help at their sight. Although the cold was cold in the bosom, but outside, in their car, the baby was sure to sleep well in the car. It also happened: Zsuf's son was sleeping outside in the wilderness car. And we warmly sandwiched, teased, and talked about how people's helplessness knows no borders when it comes to having a baby. And in the meantime, we wondered how to lose sight of Zhuhfi's sleep when planning the daily program ... It seems we succeed in keeping to what we had planned at the time: we travel from childhood, he is more brave than we initially thought. We do not plan anything in advance, and then solve the problem where it occurs. I breastfeeded already on the top of the millions of dunes and on the bench of the Badacsony Railway Station, and washed it all over the bottom of the dumplings and in the smoky pub sink. We were there on Lake Balaton, in the Valley of the Arts and many other places. One thing is certain: so far we have met all kind and helpful people, and our children have flourished during their travels. Are you sure you want to skip them for a family vacation?
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