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Urbaba was born in Szentes

Urbaba was born in Szentes

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A weekly baby from St. George who has been born more than 5 kilos. Her mother calls the little boy Rubert a little sumo boy.

Ubiquitous baby Robi over 5 kg (photo: Emese Krбlik, Hungary)

An average birth weight is about 3300 grams, and a birth weight above 4 kilograms is called large, and over 5 kilos is called an urn. Gedу Rуbertwho were born a week ago at the St. Johns Hospital With a birth weight of 5040 grams - Tells the brother of the orphanage mother and her third child, Robit's two girlfriends, is waiting at home: a 5 and a 15 year old. Neither was born with an extra weight, they both came with a weight of over 4 kilograms. The mother, Great Tnmba during all of her pregnancy, she had gestational diabetes.Robia showed herself to be a girl by week 18, and now she looks like a real Sumubboy, "the mother told the South Hungarian.More articles in ubriba baby:
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