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Protect your veins with chocolate during pregnancy

Protect your veins with chocolate during pregnancy

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Sweet mom, chocolate bitch, we got it. According to a recent study (do you hold on?), One serving of chocolate a day is specifically good for your mother's body.

Recent research suggests that consuming chocolate on a daily basis has a positive effect on fetal development, the placenta, and, in the long term, on the development of the baby. The American Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine also Chocolate-containing flavonoids in cocoa can also reduce the risk of pregnancy toxemia and preeclampsia. The subject was 129 women - between 11 and 14 weeks of gestation. The duration of the examination was 12 weeks. The pregnant mothers were divided into two groups. Some 30 grams of low-flavanoid chocolates were given daily, while others received high-flavanoid chocolates.fуkuszбlva of preeclampsia, a high terhessйgi vйrnyomбs, the placenta sъlya йs szьletйsi sъly the data of the kнsйrlet legjelentхsebb eredmйnye anyбk vйrбramlбsбnak javulбsa the szьlйst megelхzхen йs azutбn.Ez the tanulmбny shows that exercise csokolбdй pozitнv hatбst бllapotбra йs the placenta to the fetus nцvekedйsйre, furthermore, the effects of chocolate are not exclusively and directly attributable to the flavanoid content - he said Emmanuel Bujold It is interesting that there is no other food in the world that contains flavonoids as well as cocoa. For this reason, experts refer to cocoa beans as one of nature's most surprising "superfoods." plus kilos. Choose chocolate that has a high cocoa content, and no more daily portions, but in cubes.- If you do, we can really make good quality sleep with chocolate chocolates- How healthy is chocolate?