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Very cool! Baba EXPO 2016

Very cool! Baba EXPO 2016

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On April 24th, you will be guaranteed the highest number of pregnant women and moms per square meter!

THE BABA EXPO exhibition, children's clothing fair and professional event With 6,500 square meters, 80 exhibitors, booths, renowned experts, colorful professional and leisure programs await the family.
The one-day event opens at Hungexpo Hall B on Sunday, April 24th at 9pm and will keep you up to 16pm. Parents can buy used, out-of-the-box baby clothes, try out the latest products from our manufacturers, marketers, and ask for advice from professional roundtables and professional circles.Jaksity Kata although not primarily due to the outpouring of her baby Jasmine's clothes, she will be moderator of the roundtable discussions, but she has no secret intention of coming to the front and encouraging her BABA EXPOvisiting celebs to bring out their kids' belongings and donate the proceeds to the Heim Paul Children's Hospital's expansive amusement park.


The professional team will be strengthened by roundtable discussion participants: Dr. Lukacs Liza psychologist, author of The Hungry Souls Book; Szabolcs Marozsбk women's confidence trainer; Dr. Péter Krivácsy pediatrician, founder of the Légay Program; Rouge Ibolya, Vice President of the Hungarian Breastfeeding Association; Rich Enikх pszicholуgus.
Tells her about her birth status, her postpartum period and her recreational opportunities Pirner Alma, the creator of the Mommy Makeover program. Fuck you, the 2010 Beauty of Hungary, Mother, Modern Mom and Perfect Mom tell us about false cult.
The worried moms are boosted by their eight-month-old mother, Sheep Adrienn, the Jуban Bad is a series favored by Elvira. Music and entertaining productions, among others, were exchanged on the main stage Balбssy Betty йs Fuck Feri record show concert and a Ripple brothers production and upstairs small-scale workshops for small groups.
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