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Baby is sunbathing

Baby is sunbathing

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Baths and sunbathing are both fun for the baby if we live wisely with it.

It'll take a minute to get started
The healing power of sunlight
Careful with cold water!
Lastly, you don't have to dress long before going to bed, and even lightweight clothes can move from baby to baby. Sunlight strengthens the immune system, "hormone of happiness", known as serotonin and vitamin D, significantly improves eczema, allergic skin. However, the skin of infants and toddlers is much thinner than that of adults, so they are much more sensitive to the sun's ultraviolet rays. Sun exposure tends to be more on skin protection than on tanning.
Do not take babies under the age of three months at all!
If the weather is warm, set up your cot or bike on the terrace or in the garden under a tree. If you are ventilated in a stroller, lower the top because the heat is trapped. The translucent light between the foliage, the moving leaves, and the colored paper mobile each catch your attention for a long time. Because some of the ultraviolet radiation can pass through the clouds, and in the summer, a forty percent of the total radiation in a tree can be exposed, so it is important to protect your baby with light clothing.
It'll take a minute to get started
From three months on, we can start careful sunbathing. The early-weddings are best suited for this. Lay the baby on a mattress in the sun during warm weather. Drain and sunbathe on your stomach and back for a minute. Increase the tanning time by one minute each day until you reach the tens of minutes. This will gradually develop the skin's own filing system. Sunlight creates dye in the skin, which protects it from too much radiation - but this mechanism is still in its infancy. An important thing is graduation.
After a completely nude bath, wipe the baby off with a damp cloth. It pleasantly refreshes and cold-warm alternation weakens your immune system. The baby can be left in the air while wearing bookworm cream or in rocking dresses, and can be out in the sun all day long. After the bath, provide water, breastfeed, or, if you are not breastfeeding, rinse it with fresh fruit juice, boiled, cooled water.
Vitamin D supplementation can usually be omitted during the summer months. If your baby spends thirty minutes a day wearing a diaper only a day, you will be exposed to the amount of sunlight needed for vitamin D training. If your little bare head but clothes are in the sun, your body can provide enough vitamin D twice a week.
The fading sunlight
During the summer, it is usually possible to relieve itchy skin. Leave the affected skin area, eczema, eclipses, blushed buttocks free. Do not relocate the baby, as this may result in additional skin exposures. The so-called hot flushes appear between the back of the head, the pouch and the thighs, and appear in the abdomen. Conventional patented briefs are deliberately unsuitable garments; instead, give the baby a more elaborate, lightweight, breathable fabric or sunbathe. In rare cases, allergy to the sun also occurs: where the skin was exposed to the sun, itchy red dots and blisters appeared. It is more common for the skin to be sensitive to a component of the sun cream, so it is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free and preservative-free, specially formulated for small children.
We can't always keep the little kid, toddler little, in the shadows. On the beach, on the beach, we cover the icing with a high factoring cream. Because their skin is very sensitive, they can spend up to ten minutes in the sun without any risk of exposure. My number indicates that the amount of time spent in the sun can be increased by a factor of three, but this should never exceed two hours! Generally, don't let the day go between a little 11 and 16 hours.
Careful with cold water!
Everyone loves to paddle. Whether on the beach or in a small drenched pool with water in the pool, let's take it to the water temperature. The baby can be cooled down in the most delicate canes, the body's self-sustaining balance only begins to function in the second year of life. Whatever strange things are, let's put the little ones in warm water in hot weather, just like bathing. Water droplets concentrate the sun's rays so many lenses, so don't forget to swim in the sun or set your umbrella over the pool.
Hint: Always wear a lightweight white cap on your little head as the sun shines on the bald dude. On the beach, a wide-brimmed straw hat or a "foreign" cap that wears both the hem and the nape is the most comfortable.
What if your skin was flushed a little? Lubricate with sun tanning balm or Panthenol spray or other spray suitable for treating yeast burn. However, seek medical attention if the baby has fever, is restless or tense, or has very scalp skin.