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How are the pros educated?

How are the pros educated?

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We ask for your opinions, we listen to their advice when it comes to our children. But how do professionals raise their own children? We asked three dads: a physical education teacher, a teacher, and a doctor.

It is the task of a child-rearing man

I see dads with daddy eyes

Zsolt Sándor Horváth, teacher, drama and media teacher
Horváth Csenge Mнra 11 years old
Horváth Zsombor Jakab 3 years old
Horváth Zsejke Hanna 1,5 years old
Sándor Horváth is a teacher, drama and media teacher, school superintendent who, when he likes, paints, draws, draws music, and occasionally entertains the child with one-on-one interactive puppets or just dance. He received a lot of help from his children in this.
-The home and school are very closely connected with us. My home life transitions into my teaching methods, and what you see as a pedagogical use in my family. The birth of my first child eleven years ago made a huge difference: I experienced a miracle that transformed my life so far. I have to say that in the early years of my teaching, I took the children by hand. Which does not mean that you don't speak, but rather that it is due to my own values. My baby, on the other hand, taught me very quickly, almost during pregnancy, how to tune in to my children with real care. Once upon a time, I saw little boys and girls in my class. A little paternal. I noticed the feelings beneath the surface, and imagined the experiences at home in each situation.
"I have three children today, and I have learned all of them," he continued. As children change, so do their needs, inquiries, so do I, and so do my parents. Importantly, although I am currently working in a general curriculum school, I am a trained Waldorf teacher who has a very strong impact on our lives. I taught earlier in this kind of institution, and that little year shaped a lot in our family. For example, our holidays have changed. In the meantime, my wife and I were having a nice, intimate Christmas, but the school holiday was so effective that it resumed our family traditions. But I do not apply the techniques I have heard or heard in different courses, not only in school - they work as well as my students. Now that my middle-aged son is slowly going to kindergarten, I also turned a little educated about his age: we start with a basic kindergarten that we wouldn't have started at all if we had no children.

Filling in and out of the pool

Gabby is a physical education, basketball coach
Child: Peter 1 year old
In 1932, the Athlete Peter Bacchalmsi was able to take the Hungarian Olympic title in Los Angeles, and a year later in Berlin. The one-year-old Peti playing under the champion's jude photo is an important family trick.
"Petits have sports in their genes," says the proud daddy, Gábor Borcsalmsi physical education basketball coach. - My grandfather, and then my father, were educators at the University of Physical Education, where you are already teaching.
"My wife is physically educated," he says. - He has competed in the past and is considered to be a basketball coach in high school. Peti will not "get away" without moving, and will want to do it, as she grows up in it. But we don't want - knowing the wrong side of it - to be a professional athlete. I'm sure we're getting used to it every year for a very active, busy life. We train her to help her get to know her body better. One of our favorite games when we put something on our heads and we have to think to get it right. In a safe environment, we are generally not restricted in movement, nor can we really - we once tried to put it in his bike, which ended in a very loud protest. At this height, it will grow to two to three inches on my head, and because it is in a medium that encourages it to move, it quickly becomes wound. When I was born, I turned to the little kids in my work. Earlier I worked as a coach and later as a NB I coach, now I mainly do basketball coaching for high school and elementary school, which is really a job for ball athletes. As soon as Peti reaches that age, I'll take it with me. I find it very, very important that you not only be able to sin with the ball, but also learn how to behave, win, lose.
- Educators are not very welcomed in the classroom until they are of age, because they are not fit to train a trainer either emotionally or physically. If Peti is two or three years old watching the events on my stool next to me, he'll probably be up for it early on, and if all goes well, his movement culture will be for a third of a year. For now, we're having fun with these ready-to-play games, but when it comes to running and running, then I'll have a really good time.

Mosquitoes give the sadness

dr. Geresbor Blood Children's Crib
Covering 8 ives
Botond 6 years old
Give me 3 ives
Dr. Gabor Veres, our children's pediatrician specialist is the father of three children. Many have witnessed the profound realities of his life with his own children - perhaps just as authentic to us.
- My three children have helped me a lot in changing the situation of parents and little patients. Since the birth of the little ones, the day-to-day problems have come to the forefront, and in my own life, I have experienced all that I have just told anxious parents. There is a foreign emergency when I tell a doctor to give my child a cannabis medicine and if I have to give the same blind. Now I know how it all works. Because of this, I personally tell a lot of personal examples of a disease because parents are more accepting of it and in March they seem to be more vulnerable to problems, he says.
- Fortunately, my children are a little ill, but if they do, I will cure them. At first, it was a bit strange to me, but since my wife was a good example of this in my family - my parents 'dentists and their kids' teeth have always been treated - it made sense for me to be my home doctor. This family-friendly medicine works very well, the little ones accept it too. So far, I have treated all my illnesses, but it was an example that I was asking for confirmation from a colleague for diseases that were not in my area so that I would not suffer. Yeah, if you know your limits. I've never been afraid of being angry with me for telling me to get the obligatory vaccinations - if we're honest with the child and always initiate what's going on with him, it makes me feel good. Vaccines, for example, are always preceded by small mosquito games, and may be followed by a sick.
- Apart from being hot, I get them involved in my work because they are interested in them and I think they are important. They know their bodily processes well, but they also know the difference between virus and bacteria and when to take antibiotics. Basically, I consider myself a loose parent, but it is more personal and unrelated to my profession. At home, I strive to be blinded to the lives of my children: we have our weekly habits, evening rituals, which I find very important. Because of my work, we are a little shorter in the evening than others, and I am just trying to make the time spent together so beautiful. I hope they have good memories of the first fire of the year.