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The world goes pale first before the child - What to do?

The world goes pale first before the child - What to do?

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Especially in adolescent children, but as early as in preschool years, every other healthy child may dry up, become pale, and in the first place fall short of sleep or fall asleep.

What can be the reason if your child is pregnant?

Your consciousness returns after a short time (a few seconds to a maximum of 1-2 minutes). Of course, the above can provoke great anxiety and distress in the child's environment. Fortunately, however, most often, there is a completely banal cause in the backdrop of such a loss of consciousness. Dr. Tibor Kovбcs infant and pediatrician, informative to the medical director of the Svabhegy Children's Hospital about the course and treatment of the symptom. vйrnyomбsa well below the physiological normative values, the brain is not getting enough blood. Since the brain lйtfontossбgъ body ezйrt megprуbбl care of sajбt vйrellбtбsбrуl mindenбron, йs this йrdekйben "puts vнzszintesbe" gyermeket.Maga of the бtmeneti vйrnyomбsesйs bekцvetkezhet йrzelmi stress reakciу kцvetkezmйnyekйnt, kimerьltsйg because elйgtelen folyadйkellбtottsбg, but most commonly occurs vegetatнv labilitбsban elх szenvedх esetйben adolescents. This means that optimal blood pressure regulation of the vegetative nervous system at this age often does not work, and in normal when you get up (either from a place or from a place) the world disappears for a few moments or the world first disappears. They are the ones who, in a static situation, feel comfortable for a long period of time (for example, at school holidays, long queues, or on crowded public transport devices). you must prevent loss of consciousness and uncontrolled falls and injuries that may occur at this time. The child usually indicates that he / she is feeling unwell and may become very pale. You should try to plant it in such a case, but it is best to lay it down, loosen your clothes and raise all your feet high. Within a few minutes, the child will feel better due to the ordered blood supply to the brain, and his or her paleness will gradually disappear.

Don't leave us alone!

But you should not wake up, but with your legs stretched out, sitting upright. After just a few minutes, if your health continues, you should sit for a while, blazing your feet. Drink some liquid, maybe a little carbohydrate (sugar cubes, chocolate), and then just start it. But let's not leave this a couple of Urns away, let's be close by. If the child has suffered from loss of consciousness, he or she must be shown to a doctor, but first aid does not differ from the one described above, at most with a wound. If the child feels sick after the headache, he or she needs to be observed for brain damage. Of course, the solution is not to have the child permanently borrow from the doctor instead of school for the morning sickness and produce certificates. Adolescents should be taken to make sure that the early wake-up call begins early, has time to have breakfast, and drinks liquid.It is also important to ensure adequate sleep. Milk or tea consumed for breakfast with the help of a lively, blood-pressure-boosting effect can help these types of nausea to cure. Regular physical exercise, and developing your physical fitness is also key.More articles in this topic:
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