3 Super Weight Loss Recipes

3 Super Weight Loss Recipes

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Christmas is coming to an end, and this is the time of the big meal. The majority became a little richer during the holidays. Many people like this when they want to eat healthier, healthier, nicer foods.

3 Super Weight Loss Recipes

We know that successful dieting is not about speed, not calorie accounting, but about changing our way of life. Nutritionists are unconvinced by the fact that without exercise, you cannot conceive of a successful diet, nor by the fact that one type of diet is completely eliminated from the diet. Without a lot of fluids, lots of exercise, lots of greenery and fruits, you won't have the long-term success.3 We offer a super delicious and crunchy recipe right now that can bring a little balance to your overburdened body during the holidays. We present a soup, a main course and a dessert. Everything is easy to make, delicious and healthy. Do not forget to exercise and drink plenty of fluids (water).

Kelbimbou cream soup

320 g kelp
10g frying margarine or butter
80 ml milk (or milk)
parsley green

lestyбn2.5 liters of bone marrow to cook the washed brussels sprouts. When done, blend the soup and drizzle with cream, then season. You can also add a toasted roll cube.

Green fish

Hozzбvalуk: 50 kg fish
20 dkg potatoes
20 dkg Sárrgarépa
20 pounds of planed patch
sou, a penny of white pepper
20 dkg mushroom
20 dkg tomatoes
4 tablespoons of olive oil Save the potatoes, turnip and mushrooms. In another leg, patisserie and tomato. Then we cook the greens together in oil. We heat the fish in the hot oven in a heated hot pot. After roasting for about a quarter of an hour, we add the roasted greens to the fish, fry it, pepper it, then cover it with the foil and cook it over the oven.

Surgery carpets

120 g panel technology
40 g grated red rape
20 g of wheatgrass
Remove the 40 ml brush volume with a fork, remove the cover and add all ingredients. Let's mix them well in one bowl.Related articles on weight loss:
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