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The first year of Vivi's life was almost instantaneous. In the meantime, the red-haired, impertinent Newborn became a cheerful, rambunctious little child. In this, Vivi's unwillingness to live with her mother and medicine played a big role!

Something is not right!
Like many other pregnant women, Gabi went to see a doctor. By week 18, the ultrasound showed that the fetus was smaller than needed. Three or so weeks later, at a further examination, the doctor concluded that the baby had brought on her back, but also told Gabi that she could not take care of her during pregnancy and because of her pregnancy. So Gabi went to the Emergency Clinic, where the doctor referred her to Clinic I. because of high blood sugar levels at 27 weeks, excessively low amniotic fluid, and significant fetal underdevelopment. By then, the original 42-pound pregnant mother had carried twenty pounds. There, an ultrasound examination followed, and the doctor was surprised to find that this baby would be better outside than inside. The placenta was completely calcified, unable to feed the fetus. So, at the beginning of week 29, Gabin had a cesarean section.
- First, Vivi was a scary creature. Small, tiny, it occurred to me that there might be some developmental disorder. I just got tired, I cried all day. I wanted to go home and we just went to Vivi's with my brother in the evening - Gabi says.
The first days
Vivi was 35 inches and 900 grams when it came to helping out. They had Apgar values ​​of 9/10, which is unusual for a baby like this. The two counts mean that she was able to breathe well for five minutes after she was born, and her heartbeat and other vital signs were impeccable. Because they suspected that infection might have caused their developmental deficiency, Vivi was given antibiotics and needed breathing for two days. Apart from that, he took great obstacles. This is your next doctor, dr. According to Little Eleonur, the baby's crib may also have been linked to the fact that infection caused the baby to have high levels of stress hormones in the life of the womb, which helped the lungs' process of birth. From the third day of Vivi's life, apart from a slight downturn in her stomach, she was able to feed her orally - that's a big word for such a small one!
- I started milking, but it was bitter at first. Now, I almost threw that bust out the window. But from that room mate, Christ, I did a lot of little tricks and figured out how to do it. I was explaining the story, my milk was plentiful - Gabi recalls.
One day old
When Czerny's ambulance service shipped the little girl from the kennel to St. Peter's for aftercare, she "had" a glass of breast milk in the incubator, Dr. Kiss recalls. - Because the mother is persistent, I was sure we could soon be successful in breastfeeding. Vivi's weight was 1290 grams at six weeks and her dose was 8 x 13 grams of breast milk. In addition, you also received an overnight infusion of nutritional blight. The problem with babies born with such a small weight is that they are not able to grow at an extra-uterine rate as they would normally do in the fetal life. They have little to no nutrition in their stomachs, and little to eat because of the irreproachability of their digestive systems. Thus, besides breastfeeding, supplementation is usually required for optimal fat, white, vitamin and nutrient supply.
Once Vivi stopped breathing and needed circulating medication for a couple of days.
Another condition for healthy growth and development is for the baby to remain in touch with his mother, and to feel his loving, caressing hands. Doctor Kiss is helping Gabi implement the kangaroo method. To do this, only one back chair is needed beside the incubator. The little baby is laid next to her mother. No matter how good it is, it has always resembled most poultry birds.
Gabi can also breastfeed twice or three times a day. To do this, you need to look at Vivi's Hebrew moments. It is important to have proper support and to have the baby well breastfeeded. Yeah, if your mom has plenty of milk, you don't have to push your little one to get milk. Kangaroo is good for breastfeeding and increases milk production. While the baby is in an incubator, her mother is placed in a separate room, with similar pregnant women in the classroom.
Eight weeks - all together!
At the Peterborough Street Court in Peterborough, it is customary to have a mother and baby in one of the single room-in-the-lounges, starting with a weight of about 1,800 grams. By the time you hesitate to let the baby home, during the days they spend together, they will learn to care for the baby, and understand when the baby wants. Our second meeting on the occasion of Vivi eight weeks, 1850 grams. They take 3.5 days a day, suckle and breathe, rarely need it (their mothers' milk)! One month later, he had relatively low iron values, as well as rising. Gabi, too, is confident and increasingly confident: - It's good to be in the hospital. I eat, sleep, nurse Vivian, and heads. On the advice of Doctor Kiss, I didn't quit milking because Vivi doesn't eat too much, and I want to keep and make sure she has plenty of milk.
The little girl is happy and often breastfeeding. He still looks as if he were trying to get some relief.
Hmm, good afternoon
Vivi was two months old when they could go home, weighing 2090 grams. There was a great deal of excitement in the prematurity class because a baby, Vivi, died as a result of an infection, much like other trivia. - We were just guessing with the other moms what we could count. But luckily Vivi got up quickly, and she's fine now. - Gabi Bixin recalls that Vivi Three is so much overnight and twice! His growth has been incredibly accelerated, as if he were trying to make up for any lag. Initially, they were checked every two weeks, but it was already six weeks before they went.
It holds the head lightly for a while, but cannot push it out.
Unfortunately, breastfeeding has come to an end, with surprising speed. - He got milk from baby milk once a day. From that point on he didn't want to accept my breast anymore. So we have a baby bottle the other week, and we get basically formula from the time we get home. True, she was still exclusively breastfeeding Vivi, but suddenly milk flow dropped - Gabi sees this as the main reason for breastfeeding.
Vivi weighs 5,630 grams. She grew a lot. Extremely agile, lively and inquisitive, she loves to rock on Mom's legs. When you hold it to your feet, it presses itself out and springs. You like to bathe, you love to bathe in the water, giving mom or dad safety.
You don't even get breast milk out of your baby's glass, and they started to taste. Apples, peaches and plums were the favorite of the little girl, when her mom cooked her noodles and just put her mouth on it.
In terms of movement, he has essentially brought in his older, more mature companions, and his weight is also changing nicely. Since the so-called "corrected age" is reversed until one year of age, there is no reason to complain about Vivi, as she was only three and a half months old! In developmental neurological control, we always hear the same thing: everything's fine!
According to Gabi, it is great for Vivi to eat 60-100 grams of steaks. It's a bad eater, and the weight is "only" 7.5 kilos. Just?! This means you have multiplied your birth weight by eight! And when we think about it, we have the least chance of premature birth and malnutrition. A zealous little girl who brought in her timeless partners in every respect. Upset, by the way, by hand, he smiles neatly. Your favorite game is the numeric keypad. He also cares about half to three quarters in his car. She wasn't sick yet, she had to deal with a little more than a week. The vaccines hadn't fallen on him, nothing could diminish his discovery and continuous glassing: top, neee - this is a long one. The bottom line is that there is no sign of early start, much excitement and worry. He became a happy little girl from Vivib.
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