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My kids don't like each other!

My kids don't like each other!

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Debate on the shopping list, grumbling to the neighbor, shouting in the air. One change is the whole. Then, when the kids at home are arguing, grumbling and quarreling, the world turns around. Why is it not natural for some of them to come together?

My children are all alone!

Breastfeeding mothers' breasts become strained as soon as their baby begins to shriek. Almost at a speed of sound, the brain sends a signal to pick it up, feed it and calm it down. As the years go by, so is this special bond between mother and child, but the mother is always sensitive to her own child's list. But the child hurts a lot. A lot of kids were crying, so old, they were out of the big family to always calm the ball. As nor could it be expected that the brothers should not be given hairand do not stretch the thread to the brim. Of the ten children, two must have screamed always, which the adults had never heard of, for they had a thousand problems. The situation was solved by the child, and the list calmed down so that after a minute, two in two would begin to take care of it. She ends up with the expectation of a kid project that there will be silence and peace at home and that conflicts can always be resolved by appropriate methods. There is also a variety of books on the shelf to provide a competent answer to everything. No wonder the super mother is overwhelmed by the fact that the kids quarrel, shout, cry.

Should you be brothers?

Many parents find it almost a boon to have their children tidy up and persuade their buddies to love each other. Some people don't know what to do with brotherhood and crumble when the older kid wants to go to hell .- Anyone who starts with expectations and hopes from the outset should not be surprised if there are lesser disappointments. - says Battonyai Tünde Psychiatrist.- Many people ask me what it is an ideal age for childrenand when the second one comes. All I can say to this is that when the adult is ready. You never give birth to a brother, but to a child. If we prepare the second (third, fourth) child with the expectation of "being good brothers, loving each other, and not growing up alone ...", we are sure to come. The kids will quarrel, and they will fight each other, but not all is lost. Sхt! This is how they learn how to handle conflict, enforce words, correct in the world.

"Not excited by a loud debate"

Sardi Enikhikin In 7 years, 7 babies were born, and she talks about extraordinary weekdays in her Baby Room blog. If anything, they can joke about home noise levels. You can't get Enikh out of the dime with a single quarrel.- I'm not particularly excited about a loud debate. I only intervene when there is serious physical harm or if the guilty party is visibly suffering. But more so I trust the solution. And most of the time I don't see the beginning of the conflict so it's hard to do justice. I'm not used to it. If I'm just getting started, and there's a lot of injustice, I'm telling you the real thing. Most often, however, these fierce disputes are quickly overcome.Of course, I wasn't always so wise. When only two or three children were bustling at home, it was easier to keep them in check, and because they were smaller, the punishments were not as harsh. As a child, we feel that there is a greater degree of vibration and, of course, more conflict. However, it is not uncommon for us to tolerate one another intolerably.With seven kids, it would be a completely unrealistic expectation always love each other. It is also natural for friendships to develop differently. Which is for sure, the twins Attilбt - the two - everyone loves it and has a number of signs: they can't go with the twins without a hug or a kiss, and we can teach Attila so lovingly that we smile at them many times. Since two siblings are best able to play with each other, they will be the ones who get together with the other, but sometimes they also get older.I also noticed that a third brother came over. All of them play well, so I can sense where the value / affective line goes. The two are the oldest, Zsуfi йs Andris they are really big, and they mumble a lot about things they don't want us to initiate. One narrow year between and next paladin (5) I felt a little gap between now and now Levi and the little one, Бkos between them this border. But this is just a sensation, because Levi and Bkos actually play very well together.But stop, who i'm friends with, i'm not kidding, I don't see the point. Love is still a thought, and I think that's important. One thing we never say to them is that you need to love each other because you are brothers and sisters, they have died in a family. After all, the neighbor woman shouldn't be loved just because we live in a street. I think the fraternal ropes come by themselves. We can really experience this in adulthood.The way I feel about love is when I can worry about one another. THE brotherly love valуszнnыleg other qualitylike friendly love, but being very strong is for sure. And this is what most families do by themselves, just because they live together and as the parent pattern is seen.

Give her a goatee!

Brothers and sisters' quarrels are completely naturalas well as the fact that they get tired of each other from time to time. There are periods when it is stronger, sometimes weaker. Such is when a little brother is born, one child's life reaches a new stage (kindergarten, school), but even on a single birthday, one can become frustrated that he or she does not receive any incentives.Ranschburg Jenх We read in our booklet: "Do not create artificial magic between brothers and sisters. There are many parents who think that brothers must live in harmony, and when they break, they must love one another."THE commanded peace (some are also required by Bekepushi) she's just a sight. The psychologist says, "Feelings of anger continue to swell in the children, and fraternal harmony that is maintained during childhood is often followed by adolescent disharmony, can lead to lifelong aversion between brothers and sisters. Another consequence of artificial peace-making is a severe curtailment of the rights of older children. "You are the older one," says the parent, "let go of the smaller one." Sometimes, he adds, "He is smart, he is suffering." Such families gradually develop the conviction that the smaller child has everything free, the peace can be sustained by the older child being able to withstand the smaller will. It does no good to anyone, but it is especially detrimental to the elderly: it gives rise to compassion and suspicion, and the feeling of injustice and oppression can be lifted.

Why do you hate it?

- If two larger brothers and sisters are constantly hating, then parents are not the first to look into themselves - he says Battonyai Tünde pszichiбter. - Parenting quarrels may be perceived to be at the level of the children, but there may be reasons why they may not have learned how to handle their conflicts as a young child. They cannot make peace, forgive, talk about their problems. In these cases, it is very important that the parent help them, give them conflict management techniques, and teach them how to work together.

Jуtestvйr tips

- Be a little alone with one child and then really pay attention. It may be a middle-class program, but you can go home for a while to the eyes of other family members. - Make sure your child appreciates his or her skills. Praise for what she is best at - When a baby is born, let the older baby be a baby again: loving, loving (even if you're already in school). Don't be penalized if you fall back to a previous level in certain areas (Room Cleanliness, Self-Esteem), you can almost certainly go wrong if you feel secure again in your family.- Do not be scared that you love your children. This is natural. You can say with complete peace of mind: you are my favorite grandfather / great-grandfather, little son / little girl, because you do not like your sister, but your self. - Talk about your brother-in-law! It is important for the children to understand that we accept their sensations and not to come. Also worth reading:
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