Stomach Acid During Pregnancy: Recommended And Prohibited Meals

Stomach Acid During Pregnancy: Recommended And Prohibited Meals

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Relatively common is gastric acid depletion in the third trimester of pregnancy. What Causes and Can We Do Anything Against It?

Stomach Acid During Pregnancy: Recommended And Prohibited Meals

In the late stages of pregnancy, many small children develop stomach acid overload. THE growing up because it reaches the ribcage, pushes up the diaphragm, thereby changing the position of the stomach, putting it in a horizontal position. It is also possible to select an acid reflux for the sбrgatesthormon the stomach and the muscle between the esophagus are relaxed. Because of this, stomach acid easily flows back into the esophagus.Accessory acidity results in a very uncomfortable feeling and many pregnant mothers cannot relax, because it is easy to sleep at night or over.
- frequent switching
- we only eat a couple of snacks at a time, little at a time
- ignore heavily spicy, greasy, smoked, puffed food and chocolate
- Consumption of carbonated drinks, coffee, cocoa is not recommended
- one hour before bedtime we should not eat anything, but sipping a glass of milk can be fun
- "lying down" in a semi-sitting position, or shaking the head with a cushion
- always have biscuits or biscuits with usRecommended dishes:
- milk, milk curd, cheese, yoghurt and possibly yogurt, muffins
- potatoes, squash, zucchini, green beans, green peas, eggplant, red rape, nipple, beetroot, green salad
- apple, banana, tangerine, peach, brandy, diу, hazelnut, almond, chestnut, raisin
- poultry, lean beef and pork (cooked, steamed, grilled), sausages, ham, meats, poultry cuts
- wheat flour, maize flour, wheat groats, maize grits, rice
- bread, rolls, rolls, biscuits, baby biscuits, biscuits, muffins, sponges, cooked dough, pudding
- like eggs, eggs
- margarine, vegetable oil, butter butter
- green spices, sweet pepper, cloves, cinnamon, vanillaNot recommended:
- sour cream, cream, smoked cheeses
- cabbage, carob, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, corn, mushrooms, garlic, beans, lentils, succulents, roasted peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes
- fruity fruits, pear, orange, plum, grape, pineapple, melon
- fried, smoked meat, sausage sausage, bacon, greaves
- dark browned bread crumbs
- fresh bread, fresh breads, crispy meals, creamy meals, dated meals
- hard boiled egg, onion-bacon-mushroom egg
- butter, grease, spicy butter cream
- spicy peppers, chilli, pepper, mustard, horseradish However, the good thing is that the complaints go away after birth.Related articles during stomach pregnancy:
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