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Stroke: Children and adults can be victims of stroke

Stroke: Children and adults can be victims of stroke

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There are 15 million people worldwide who suffer from stroke every year, but one in every six minutes dies as a result of birth.

The stroke does not stop, it strikes at the most unexpected moment. In order for patients to receive timely life-saving blood therapy, they need to be aware of the symptoms of the disease and immediately call for an ambulance. October 29 is the Stroke World Day.
Stroke is an English word, which means a blow, so the Hungarian common language calls the disease "transmission", "stroke". Research has proven that cerebrovascular disease is a disease. Birth is true in the brain, but its consequences can affect the entire body.
There are 15 million people worldwide who suffer from stroke every year, but one in every six minutes dies as a result of birth. THE cancer and heart disease are the third most common cause of death after heart disease.
In Hungary, 40-50 thousand new cases occur each yearbut at the same time 18,000 will die in birth. One in four patients is under 60 years old.
According to statistics, 48 ​​per cent of the overwhelmed have sidelined sin, 12-18 per cent are speech impaired, 22 per cent are incapacitated, 24-53 per cent or totally need the help of 32 per cent. One year after the stroke, one-third of patients do not die, one-third can survive with symptoms, only others can live with their help, and one-third can go back to work and save themselves.
In all stroke cases, about 10 per cent are under 50 and 27 per cent under 60. In recent years, not many young and middle-aged adults have suffered from stroke, and this disease is more common in childhood.
In the background of stroke disease, most cases involve the dislocation of the caring for the brain, only in 15-20% of cases can cerebral hemorrhage be the cause of isolated brain. It is widely known today that treating stroke is also urgent because delivery in every urn is approx. 700 km of neurons and 2 million neurons are killed.

Symptoms and signs

  • sudden onset of limb weakness, apathy, flabby, numb face
  • sudden onset of speech disorder, difficulty in forming
  • sudden visual disturbance, duplication, loss of vision, loss of vision or loss of vision
  • sudden imbalance, heartburn, coordination disorders
  • sudden loss of memory, sudden memory loss

These they may be mild or persistent, and can occur together or indoors. Even the presence of a single signal may be a warning sign of stroke. The onset of symptoms is relatively sudden: At wake or a few minutes. Do not lose anyone if the symptoms are rapidly improving, because they may return and become aggravated.
The blood, oxygen and nutrient requirements of the brain are unimpressive and have almost no energy content. If the blood supply disorder lasts a little longer, the brain tissue is destroyed. The destruction of a fingertip of muscle or lymphatic tissue does not have significant consequences, but the loss of a similar amount of brain tissue can cause speechlessness or discomfort in one of the body parts.

Headaches can also indicate a problem

The patient forgets to read, count, and sometimes fails to understand the text. He hears, but doesn't read, reads, but smilies are like they were written in an unknown language.
Sometimes he forgets how to dress, to eat with a knife, he cannot go home, he is unable to recognize the facial expression of the talking partner. You can't decide if your partner will list or name. The information transmitted through the mimicry is lost. To avoid this happening, you should call for an immediate rescue when the symptoms are detected, since the onset of the symptoms can only be fought over by the nerve cells for a very short period of time. In just 4.5 ounces, you can begin life saving bloodshed. If this does not happen, there is no hope of saving the flooded area. It is understandable that every minute stroke occurs, as millions of our transport nerve cells and, consequently, death of affected brain areas.
If one is to notice the symptoms of stroke, the following simple tasks should be performed with the patient:
  • Smile or show your teeth! Did one side of his face become soft, asymmetrical?
  • Raise both arms horizontally! Are any of your hands falling apart?
  • Repeat a simple sentence! Do your words go together? Are you wrong again? Can't find some expressions?

The maintenance of risk factors is very important in the prevention. Among the risk factors for stroke are the high blood pressure, diabetes, extreme weight gain, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, but among them is the so-called pitvarfibrillбciу also, which is one of the most common types of arrhythmia. Anyone suffering from this disease is twice as likely to get stroke.
It is therefore very important that everyone is aware of the prevention options and the symptoms of the disease. On October 29, World Stroke Day, people around the world want to raise awareness about prevention, stroke hazards, and the importance of the time window. The initiative was also joined by the Hungarian Stroke Society, whose members are asking everyone to look after themselves and each other not only on this day, but throughout the year.

Stroke is also becoming more common in children

That only older people can have a serious brainwave. Unfortunately, strokes are becoming more common in babies and toddlers as well, and they are repeated, usually within 1 month. Symptoms are more difficult to recognize and diagnosis is more difficult. It is no wonder, therefore, that children often do not receive the necessary treatment for the first time, only when stroke develops many times over. However, this has obviously serious consequences.
You can read more about childhood brain symptoms and types in our portal.

In children, one of the symptoms of a stroke is an increase in pimples


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