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Breastfeeding included in the law

Breastfeeding included in the law

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The Venezuelan government plans to ban baby bottles because the number of women who don't want to breastfeed is constantly decreasing in the country.

"All babies have the right to breast milk," said Venezuelan United Socialist Party lawmaker Odalin Monzon when he submitted a bill to parliament that banned not only nutrition advertising nationwide, but cumisьveg and because "the most important link between love, mother and child is sometimes lost because mothers who use formula do not feel as warm as those who szoptatбst vбlasztjбk ".
Although the draft law itself is a concern as it deprives mothers of their right of decision, this is the last sentence - which assumes that the child cumisьvegbхl Feeding Mom does not feel as much in love with her baby as she does suckle - really beat the fuse with many women around the world. The basic idea is, of course, not bad, as it is undeniable: breast milk is better, healthier, safer, more hygienic, and has countless other benefits over formula. But I wonder if this can be forced on women. Can one be deprived of the right to choose how a child wants to be fed? in the century where there is no baby in the playground that they wouldn't add cumisьveget too. Like it or not, this is part of our culture. There is hardly any pregnant mom in the world who wouldn't keep at least one in the closet, even if you don't plan on using it. Only security favored me.
Obviously, there were people without them - they were szoptatуs nurses, animal bags, not to mention that babies can drink nicely from glasses or cannabis if they are patient enough. But the request remains: if we ban the cumisьveget, more will breastfeed? Are you sure that banning is your solution? Wouldn't it be wiser to give breastfeeding an advantage that everyone is attracted to and want to choose? Say with lots of information, easy access to advice, longer maternity leave?
Because you like it or not, the cumisьveg it is sometimes a useful conundrum, as the Venezuelan politician also acknowledges. In the case of maternal mortality or mortality and mothers producing medically proven milk, they could receive a prescription. cumisьveget and formula, but such luxury products would not be accessible from a simple comfort standpoint. So she could exclude her mother from milking her own milk and giving it to her father or grandmother to go to work or just to color her hair, maybe for a free evening with her friends. But these are important things too ...