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Create unique birth reports

Create unique birth reports

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Some people share their pleasures of having a baby on the phone, others via SMS or email with their relatives, friends. But the traditional, elegant and lasting memory is to give credit for a small reward on a custom-made card.

Victorian Colonial Work Photo: Rabtva Йva

Crazy memories and easy to carry. Apply a thin layer of fingerprint to a sheet, press a few fingers into it, and "print" on a colored paper. Let's multiply the work by lightening it after broadcasting.
My first letter
Collect beautiful leaves and shake them between the tissue paper. Stick it on a picture card decorated with a baby photo and send the "first letter" again.
Drawn reports
Multiply the selected drawing by lightening it and sticking it on the "window" postcards. The windows are cut with a sniccer-lined template or a paperboard template. You can also make embossing patterns around the window with embossing templates and pencils.
Stroller with carriage
In the Hobby Shop, you can make a hole pattern with a stroller in a stroller. Simple and showy design element for your own baby dolls.
Useful tools for creation
Rhinestone Papers, Stroller Punches, Embossed Kits, Metal Sticker (Kreative Hobby) Fingerprints (Toy Stores)
It's easy to make each one. In a paper shop, buy some fine colored paper, possibly some cardboard, and make a photo or drawing on the way you see it in the pictures. Inside, we write down what our heart dictates. Idea:
I am pleased to inform you that on September 15, 2008, I arrived at 14 o'clock at 35 minutes. Colonial-Kovacs Panna
Nine days ago
we told the storm,
bring in a little sister
Peti baby.
Goollybear our request
He was very welcome,
Luca's baby in a small bundle
tossed it in our chemistry.
September 9, 2010
for our home
the stork was involved,
packed in small bundles
Tomi brought the baby.
Birth announcements can also be sent with personalized stamps as a result of the post office's special service. The essence of this is that, for example, the selected item of the stamp series currently in circulation is imprinted with the baby photo submitted by us. You can also make an order and edit your stamp online.
It's worth to see what kind of fun combinations we can make!